Friday, February 17, 2012

DO YOU HAVE 'Heart'? DDU and the AHA!!!

Hello, and thank you very much for deciding to visit my blog.

This month we have a very important question to ask ourselves...

Do we have a 'heart'?

The answer is, in a literal sense obviously, yes.

So with that in mind, I ask you to read the following:

"February is 'American Heart Month'"

The American Heart Association is the 'hot' topic this month...

you can visit their site by simply typing '' into your browser.

In the hopes of bringing awareness to heart disease, heart health, and 'heart' generally understood, I urge you to make a tax deductible contribution to the AHA, if at all possible, in the month of February.

It is fundamentally crucial to be aware of just how prevalent heart disease is...

...little known fact -

'Heart disease is currently the #1 cause of death for females in the U.S.'

This small and seemingly trivial fact should be taken with a bit of an understanding as to the ones in our own families who are at risk of developing heart problems.

Females are overwhelmingly susceptible to heart illness, and this lone fact should stir the 'strings' of our own hearts in lue of the fact that females are also most known to men for having, in a very genuine way, a profound understanding of 'heart' taken in a metaphorical sense.

Women always know what we feel in our heart. They can tell when you've had a bad day. They're keenly aware of matters of emotional finesse and subtlety... and I hate to generalize, but everyone knows women, in general, 'care' more about people generally than men do.
You have this instant, a great opportunity, to give charitably to those who can most help the heartfilled among us.

Please visit the site in the spirit of Heart awareness - and though I urge you to contribute financially in hopes of finding ways to stave off the ill effects of heart disease; I merely respectfully ask you to visit the site in the 'spirit' of awareness about the oft neglected American Heart Association.


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