Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things haven't 'Changed'!!! - DDU SuperPAC AD

"You could say a constitutionally limited government is the opposite of socialism."

- Joseph Farah

As I once famously echoed throughout a crowded bar, 'everything changes' but 'nothing changes'.

I think in the case of the Regime, this is all too true.

'Bama was elected on a single promise and set of hidden platforms..

'we can 'change' things'

Well, I think many of the people who saw so much hope for said virtue on the left are below even being loathe to admit that the things that they wanted to be different are, in fact, all too similar to the kind of whitewash campaign 'Bama put forth in his election bid, rather than an 'evolution' or 'process' moving towards a kind of culmination of Justice.

..and the left knows it.

All everyone in 'real america' has seen is an increase in the size and scope of government - and of course anyone who can remember the Clinton era know's this is anything but a 'Change'.

It's just politics as usual.

Nothing has 'changed' - we've still got Barney Frank asleep on the job.

Nothing has 'changed' - we still see Injustice on a massive scale.

Nothing has 'changed' - we've still got a bad economy.

The 'hope' put forth, a blasphemous co-opting of Biblical phraseology, has fallen flat despite the lame-stream drive-buy hit-and-run media's laughably inept attempts to convince us of the contrary.

You know, the word 'Hope' is mentioned in the bible over 200 times - yet I haven't seen a single indication that the Regime's definition of the word is the type of hope intended for a free country.

I want our country to be well.

I want our country to be secure.

I want my country to be a bastion of 'genuine' hope.

But with the current administration, there is no such thing as 'authentic' change - it's just what they define as 'change' (which actually has it's roots in early 1900's progressivism), which amounts to an undermining, co-opting, and re-writing of the Philosophy of the Founders.

I can't give you anything in terms of inspiration.

Personally, I'm a bit of a Steynian and believe that, quote "America is Dead".

Fortunately, I believe in Resurrection.

(scroll down please)

"Can any of us truly be free if life itself is not defended in our society? I don't see how."
- The Tea Party Manifesto

Our country is capable of coming back to it's Tradition in a philosophical, theological and economic sense. I mean, let's admit it - this is socialism, collectivism, whatever you want to call it. It's time to take action.

Take the U.S. o' A. Back!!!

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