Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Domestic Democracy United - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT superpac

The forthcoming Georgia caucus should be interesting, as - obviously - Gingrich will either take his home state or won't...

Whether or not he will take Georgia (and keep in mind his daughter and grandchildren are part of the Aristocracy in said state) is unimportant. What really matters about the upcoming melee is it, in some sense, brings the G.O.P. candidate for POTUS 'debate' even closer to home for many in the region.

If Gingrich takes his home state, as he aught to, that means he will continue to be the rabble-rouser within the race and likely will take longer to drop out altogether.

Further, in a recent interview with Gingrich, it seems to me as if he also has aspirations not only for the presidency, but for a potential high level job within the administration of, in all honesty, a Republican Presidency after Conservative Victory in the forthcoming general election.

Now, another thing to consider is - who is keeping their Christian oathe the most...

I mean, no one likes a filanderer, panderer, nor flip-flopper.

And you have to ask yourself -
What candidate is 'keeping the faith' the most?

As for the case of Santorum, Mitt, or Gingrich - and who's 'call' is more genuine -

I would allow the reader to come to their own conclusions -

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