Monday, February 6, 2012

THIS JUST IN - DDU Ultra Media - EPA "OUT OF TOUCH" With State and Local Government -

I have it from inside sources that the Environmental Protection Agency is "out of touch" with local agencies whose job it is to monitor the well being of natural sites in regards to how 'clean' and 'effective at controlling waste' a given site is in accordance with the laws and regulations set forth at a State level.

This particular instance relates to how an EPA official came to NC to monitor a local branch of the U.S. armed forces' use of 'septic tanks'.

Apparently, due to a source which shall remain unnamed, the EPA investigator sought to look into a local Military building's septic conduct on the basis of it having a, quote, 'pipe coming out of the top of the roof', something which common sense dictates as beyond absurdity.

According to said source, the agent was 'out of touch' with practices and standards used generally to detect septic problems - and it is the position of DDU that the EPA may have been overstepping their bounds and, in fact, going beyond the 'call of duty' and their 'literal authority' to merely 'impose' a radical agenda on an unsuspecting military base, namely - in this case, Camp Lejeune.

This is all factually based, and shows that the EPA may, in fact, have a more radical agenda than was previously thought - and more than likely does not 'support the troops'.

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