Friday, July 17, 2015

Abortionist Mega-Plex "Planned Parenthood" Caught Harvesting Organs

Why argue against Planned Parenthood?
After all, their commercials clearly tell us...  "All that abortion stuff...  that's hardly what we even DO!  We mostly provide female care like mammograms and such."

Bollocks.  The abortionist mega-plex known as planned parenthood (what a name, right?) is - de facto - tax payer subsidized eugenics.  They don't even have the transparency to call themselves what they really are!  BABY MURDER CLINICS.

All godfearing Christians know this, but what has recently become uncovered due to some right wing investigative journalism is that they have not only been murdering babies, but (sickly) harvesting their organs and selling them to the highest bidder!

It seems like some sick science fiction double feature, in which - in some future world - unborn children are reaped from their mothers wombs and have their organs harvested for the black market.  It's absolutely repulsive, this fact, and the gall of the head of Planned Parenthood (recorded by actors supposing to be potential fetus organ buyers) is of a level of gall unmatched by anything I have ever witnessed!!!  Furthermore, in their official response to the fact of organ harvesting of children becoming public, Planned Parenthood didn't even have the sincerity to apologize for the organ harvesting itself, but merely the "tone" of a head of Planned Parenthood in the undercover video.

I must digress...

The fact is, Warren Buffett contributes about $100,000 a year to planned parenthood.

And I know exactly why.

Because the sick cult of the left believes in a kind of radical environmentalism that states:
"The world is becoming overpopulated."
"We need to reduce the population because of environmental concerns."
"More abortions = more resources."

It's a sickeningly selfish view of the world, and not even factual at all.  Academic Oxen have been speculating on the "inevitable end of all resources" for years, and one academic even said that by the year 2005 all natural resources would be depleted and the world would, summarily, end.

What a fool.

The fact is, eugenics as a strain of academic thought is still alive and well...

And when you really think about it, isn't Planned Parenthood harvesting the organs of dead babies proof of that?
Can we really live in a world like that?

DDU 2015

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