Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Terrorist Threat Domestically: Radical Islam Bent On Another U.S. Attack

The Barack Obama regime has consistently portrayed Isis and other islamic militants as not terribly problematic in terms of the actual threat that they pose to U.S. Homeland Security.  I believe ole' 'Bama himself dismissed the attack in France as "Just a few ragtag extremists", always taking time to note that they in no way reflect on Islam as a whole.  It's as if he's attempting to be politically correct regarding a group that see's public beheadings of westerners as common course.

And it's patently ridiculous.

The fact is, Isis seeks to damage America and other Western nations, and probably will do so.  They will stop at nothing to see American's killed at the tip of Islam's spear.  And get it straight:

Over 80 percent of muslims sympathize with Isis.

The fact is, the POTUS taking time to be culturally sensitive to the islamic community only reflects the degree to which these people have no sense of community or decency, a civic pride or virtue, or anything even approaching what we in the west know as "Civilization".
They see the Christian and Jewish community as enemies precisely because their Koran urges them to wage "holy war" on the infidels.  There will be no end to the brutal slaughter of Westerners, and we need an administration that doesn't have to apologize for being tough on radical islamists, or even so-called "moderate" islamists.  The fact is, any average muslim could be a sleeper cell.  Probably many are already, but haven't the inclination to strap on a suicide vest or some such thing.

Radical Islam is determined to strike again in the U.S., and if we don't learn from history I fear we could be doomed to repeat it.  And from the rumblings of some in the muslim community, it could be bigger than any of us had feared.  A strike in the U.S. could potentially be devastating, and should Obama quit his laughable game of politically correct Socialism/Communism I'd wager he'd have his work cut out for him on Homeland Security alone.

But in between playing Golf with his buddies and ramming legislation down the states throats' he doesn't seem to have adequate time to take on the threat posed by Isis and other Islamic militants seriously.  It would seem that this massive organization of muslims dedicated to killing Christians and Jews is nothing more than "a few ragtag extremists"...  nothing to be alarmed about.

It's absurd.

Given an adequate amount of time, I'm almost certain we will see another terror attack perpetrated by muslims in the U.S. - hopefully we can stop them, but it would seem to many that the perversity of the Islamic faith is such that stopping them entirely without mass deportations seems unlikely.

That's why I urge you to fight back.

Domestic Democracy United 2015

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