Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On Second Amendment Rights and Restrictions: Why We Need More Guns

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is, currently, the most attacked section of our rightful heritage as Americans.  Due to the recent rash of terrorist attacks (not to mention whackos), the Second Amendment seems like a death wish to some....

Yet the Founders and Framers knew something that today's progressive elite does not.  They knew that it was the god given right to bear arms that could protect citizens of the future from total Totalitarianism.  How did they know that.  I think we all know the answer to that...

They knew it first hand.

Obama is currently attacking anyone with a gun mount in their truck or a holster on their hip.

And it's wrong.

Dead wrong.

The fact is, the bible says "Thou Shalt Not Kill", and all Christians know that.

However, in the NT Jesus revises this law slightly, when he says something to the effect of (and I'm paraphrasing here) "If one DOES kill, one is in great danger of Damnation".  Which is to say, killing is okay when god commands it.  Think of the parable of Abraham and Isaac...

God says kill - Abraham prepares to kill.

God says don't kill - Abraham IMMEDIATELY ceases his hand.

I think this is a truth our soldiers in battle know all too well.

But that's a bit beside the point I'd suppose...

The fact is, guns play an important role in such places as Law Enforcement, the battlefield, hunting and sporting etc.  If the government tries to inhibit this right, they are explicitly and implicitly violating the Constitution.  And that's a deathly serious game.

Taking away gun ownership rights, and persecuting gun owners, is such a flagrant violation of the Constitution that I doubt one could adequately express the depths of Tyranny that this supposed act of compassion is capable of reaching.  I sincerely believe it.

We need more guns in American households....

And I'll tell you why.

Because if the reds start streaming across our border ala the film "Red Dawn", it will those same dangerous villains who save America.

Thank you and goodnight!

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