Saturday, November 7, 2015

DDU Presidential Endorsement: "I Endorse Sen. Rand Paul For President" Says Domestic Democracy United Founder

I, at this point in the presidential race for the 2017 POTUS seat, would like to endorse Senator Rand Paul as my candidate of choice.  He has shown remarkable leadership through his impassioned filibuster of the raise of the debt ceiling limit, and gets my vote almost entirely due to this stance of his platform.
The monumental debt this country has accrued, which Paul highlighted repeatedly during his third appearance in the repub presidential debates, is a disaster waiting to happen.
And as I proffered to a local politician during the recent local elections, this type of concern has more to do with, say, our great-grandchildren's future than to do with anything selfish in the present age.
We need to tackle the debt, and I think Rand Paul has been the most outspoken on this subject by far, so he gets my vote, and - I hope - yours as well!

Now one might ask, why is one who is often so vocally neocon-ish supporting a paleocon icon like Paul.  Well, my answer is - to be frank, while Ron Paul may remain a bit of a paleocon stalwart, I feel like Rand has really struck out on his own and, while retaining the better aspects of his father's Politique, has his own identification which really amounts to that of a moderate neocon.

He's talking sense.

Yet the libs in the media continue to stick their heads in the sand regarding the fiasco that is, now, 19 trillion in U.S. debt.  we cannot pass this debt on to our children.  we must fix the debt.
we must choose responsibility.

Now some hawks balk at Paul's quasi-non-interventionist platform, but I feel he is, by far, the best to handle the big red button.  He would embody, I feel, a safe, responsible and firm approach to U.S. foreign policy - and with his experience as a Senator he has the gravitas to affirmatively lead the U.S. in the direction of sustained Peace.

However, would he pull us out of Afghanistan? I sincerely doubt it.
Paul, in terms of national security, seems like a citizen's dream come true.
Reigning in reckless spending and legislation whilst still maintaining a clear eyed vision of how to approach the concept and dangers of domestic terrorism.  He's no slouch when it comes to U.S. Homeland Security, I can guarantee it.
Further, he seems to me to have the most honestly good intentioned platform of all the candidates.
He see's the dangers posed by a massive and growing debt, and is willing to take on the hard problems of solving this quagmire.  We cannot afford to sell our children's children into financial debt.  We cannot sit idly by with our heads, figuratively, in the sand.

Brendan O'Connell - Domestic Democracy United SUPERPAC 2015

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