Friday, December 11, 2015

Save The Children

Our children are being lost.
Big education is teaching them all kinds of communist/socialist ideas, not to mention blaspheming our country's founding.  They're being taught that our founding was based in slavery and columbus's discovery of America led to the genocide of indians/native americans etc.
And it's utter bollocks.
Do we even say the pledge at school anymore?  Probably not!
It's like the school system is intentionally inculcating our children with anti-american values!
What's going on with these textbooks?!  Teaching kids "Environmental Education" and such.  It's patently ridiculous!
Why, I even heard that they're teaching the children about the dangers of "Climate Change"!

All of this isn't even to mention the nefarious use of child psychology to manipulate the young minds of our dear children.  A kid walks into a classroom, probably doesn't want to be there, and they are literally assaulted with scientifically engineered child psychology, used to create model citizen's of the new U.S.S.A.

We need to be teaching children that our nation's discovery and founding was a beautiful thing, to be applauded and lauded as a shining beacon of light on the hill.  Not some unjust nonsense.

We need to save the children from teachers being forced to impart the ideology of evolution, whilst getting into hot water if they even mention intelligent design as a possible cause of our origin.

Further, the idea of healthy lunches a la michelle obama is an injustice as well.  I heard that a football player at a certain school could not even get the nutritional needs required for someone of his calibre from a daily school lunch, now that they are required to be "healthy".  I say, bring back pizza and french fries!!!

We need to save our children from drugs and alcohol as well.  Far too often in highschool kids begin to experiment with weed.  That's because weed is illegal and therefore easier to get illicitly.  If weed was legalized so that that only those 21 and up could use it, I guarantee there would be a lot less weed use in the highschools.

We need to save the children from being exposed to terrorism.  It's highly traumatic for a young person to see the tragedy of California or Tennessee, let alone another 9/11.
And that means stopping the terrorists in their tracks.

We need to save the children.

Domestic Democracy United 2015

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