Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How The Left Has Swindled America: On Fascism

The Left Wing of the U.S. has consistently swindled the masses with their rhetoric, their propaganda, and their insistence on political correctness.  It's a total sham, apparent to everyone in clear sight.  Why don't we just break out laughing in their pathetic mind-numbingly socialist/communist agenda...

I'll tell you why.

Because the game they play is serious.  It leads to tragedy.  It leads to all sorts of abuses of power, some of which have lead to:

a) the slaughter of christians in the middle east
b) letting terrorists slip through the cracks
c) the persecution of patriots here at home
d) the preventable deaths of our allies and fighters over seas
e) the death of Major General Harold J. Greene

The fact is, these little leftists are playing with fire.  And they are probably even unaware of it.

But I digress.
American Fascism has a name... and it's name is Barack Hussein Obama.

They've swindled us all!  Are we even culpable for their mistakes?

The unfortunate answer is, yes.  Indeed we are.

Every American is guilty of following Mr. Hussein.  It's a dire shame, and one which - in retrospect - seems rife with the kind of tyranny our forefathers meant to protect us from.  Look at the U.S. now.  It's a farce!

Let's celebrate the new year by kicking these guys out of office and electing a new leader.  One who can bring us the peace and prosperity we all need.

DDU 2015

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