Tuesday, March 6, 2012

-Super Tuesday Special-

The tumult on this historic super tuesday is punctuated thusly by an hard brawl which almost broke out at the bar I went to on this night of our lord, March 6 2012.

The fact that this brawl was started by the founder of domestic democracy united SuperPAC, and was followed by several threats of superiority on the basis my 98.7 percent accuracy rating, only show the uncanny ability of DDU to not only respond to news releases, but to raise local ire and bequeath the southern gentlemen's club of NC with plentiful fodder and gossip.

The brawl which almost occurred was put to rest by DDU's public support and lack of empathy for the cowardice of the Marxist wing of the liberal establishment - fortunately, I didn't have enough of a pre-disposition towards recompense to deride mine opponent with fisticuffs - but seemingly enough, I left the pub with his puny ideology utterly decimated and the last word copyrighted, penned and signed in blood with Domestic Democracy United's stamp.

It is unfortunate that I had to resort to such low measures to prove a massive political point in the midst of an drunken audience, but the crude-mouthed heathen proffered a duel outside the massively publik'd pub, and I gently motioned him towards the door -

-to which he responded, "fuck you republican".

A man has two things, it was once said - his honor, and his word.

This, as one would aptly decry, leftist marxist clearly showed he has little integrity in regards to either.

The hometown kid wins.

Disclaimer: This article was edited at 12:54 am.

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