Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's make this week an anti-labor union week *Updated With Tea Party Video*

Loud, annoying, often bordering on criminal and historically inept at anything but pushing people around whilst claiming social justice - 'labor unions' are a growing threat to democracy.

Adam Smith wrote about Free Market Democracy in his seminal Wealth of Nations - and there is no doubt for many versed in the roots of western tradition and Republicanism that his title of "The Father of Capitalism" is well coined.

Smith was wary of 'organized labor', and we should take note of this virtual Forefather of American Exceptionalism when considering the role of worker's rights, fair trade, and the inherently Marxist racketeering of Labor Unions in an prototypical sense.

North Carolina, the state in which I live is - officially - a 'right to work' state - that is, a state by definition free of Labor Unions and racketeering.

Fight back!

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Short Film: "Unions Go Home"

This is far from the syndrome in the underbelly of this beacon of light of the South, where unions laugh diabolically at our proclaimed lack of workers rights by infiltrating the state government at many locales in many instances for many people and insinuating their credibly treasonous ideology into our workplaces without out the publik's foreknowledge.

Their near 'evil' stature within the republican establishment proper has been decried by some branches of the Neo/Paleo-Conservative rubric as not taking heed of a large segment of the voting block and their sympathies, but I can attest that many leading figures in both the religious and political establishment, namely Rush Limbaugh, have decided to more or less declare them permanent enemies of Capitalism proper - and are right to do so.

Unions are more complicated in terms of their local, national, and international variants than many will let on, and even I will admit to profuse knowledge 'of' - but one thing simply drives them... money.

This is easily ascertained in contradiction to their claims of virtue, as I have defined the absolute objective truth of 'organized labor' -

Thusly and verily ~

"Unions are the anti-thesis to the thesis of Capitalism."

One is not deemed inherently off the mark for wondering if all of this derision is misplaced - however, one has to understand a simple fact to explain my completely un-timely renewed attack on Unions - and that is this:

Institutionalized/unorganized/organized labor movements alike have ascribed to and contributed to Marxist political monthly magazines. FACT.

So, without too much imagination, one can conceive of their dubious if not diabolically driven 'social' dissent as being intrinsically part of the nature of being anti-thetical to Free Market Democracy as I've termed it, Classico-Capitalism as defined at the beginning of last century, and contrary to the Protestant work ethic generally.


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