Friday, March 16, 2012

Anti-Union Week - Obama and Alinsky

It is transparently apparent that the Democrat Establishment Machine (or D.E.M.) is tied directly to organized labor.

What is not always so apparent is how deeply these ideologies cut.

Anyone who's heard the accusations of 'Radicalism' directed at the Regime and ole 'Bama Hussein has probably heard the name of Saul Alinsky - in this 15 minute video, I make a case for 'the Messiah' having dubious connections to this 'community organizing' gangster, as well as carrying on social activism in the spirit of Alinsky.

"The administration has shown they will go after anyone or any organization who stands in their way."

-Mitch McConnell

Cut from the most recent issue of The National Review in March, this is cutting edge material.

The proof in the pudding?

ACORN, about whom we've all heard, was set up by Saul Alinsky acolytes - and the damning video that the establishment doesn't want you to know about?

'ACORN was setting up whorehouses for underage illegal aliens'

~NR correspondent JOHN FUND

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