Sunday, March 4, 2012

DDU# - Needles & Pins

Welcome to politalk.

Today I'd like to mention a few things regarding the philosophy of politics, or - the politics of philosophy.

Either way, often what can make or break a candidate is their underlying philosophy on what 'the good life' entails, and how to make such an abstraction possible by way of their given platform.

Most of this is generally understood to be nonsense, as proclamations, promises, and pitches made on the campaign trail are far less important than a given candidate's Philosophical background.

I know not of the many nuances between the potential candidates for the republican POTUS nomination - however, I do have a fine little book sitting next to my computer called The Tea Party Manifesto -

I'll try and analyze a few bits and hope you'll be willing to draw your own conclusions and idea's from this small Manifesto~

First of all, the subtitle to the book is 'A Vision for an American Rebirth', and of course two things pop to mind from such a finely written sub-header -

A) America as we know it is dead.
B) Rebirth could mean a prosperous age of Renaissance.

That may not be the only way of interpreting rebirth, as it could, for all I know, mean america needs to be 'born again' - the most likely explanation.

America, at this very moment, is moving towards fascism... and I don't want to just toss that word out there and not take any responsibility for it.

There are, these days, two kinds of 'fascists'-

-the ones with large mustaches and emphasized shoulders in military regalia who abuse power without the consent of the governed.

and there are

-the ones without large mustaches who have moderate suits, play golf and abuse power without the consent of the governed.

Obviously, we encounter the latter far more than the former... but hey, us American's have never had the real panache for displays of totalitarianism publicly.

But the fact is we're moving towards the second kind of fascism - the kind with a big friendly grin and 110 percent convincing language.

Most people recognize government as this gigantic monolithic beast of burden who swallows human decency while leaving behind in it's wake some sort of bureaucracy from hell; what they might not recognize is that it poses the greatest threat to freedom. The more power it has, the less freedom the individual has.

Seminal Individualist Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once said of this in 'Fear and Trembling' -This is a terrible thing. He who does not see it can always be sure that he is no knight of faith, but he who sees it will not deny even the most tried of tragic heroes walks with a dancing step compared with the knight of faith, who comes slowly creeping forward.-

Perhaps one, at this juncture, might think - oh how sophomoric to raise this problem when in fact it's just bloated out of proportion and based on corporatist traditions and theologies which aren't even interpreted properly.

Perhaps, so I'll just put forth a few examples of why this behemoth of the rapidly growing centralized government is such a clear and present danger:

1) In 2002, the Swedish Constitution was amended to criminalize criticism of Homosexuality. "Disrespect" of Homosexuality became punishable by two years in jail.
2)In the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, a mister Owens took out an advertisement that merely contained passages from Romans, Leviticus, and I Corinthians. He was charged with Hate Speech and fined $9,000.
3)Most recently, a young woman got on a tram in england where she was literally beset on all sides by immigrants. She got into a recorded conversation with them, where she lamented that this was no longer her England and that the immigrants should "go back to where they came from". She was arrested and charged.

These three examples show that in the world one used to have a certain amount of dignity regarding belief, tradition, and class - and how this has now degenerated into a potentially libelous masquerade of atheistic humanists. Humanism has a long tradition which I won't go into... but the cult of humanism as it has become today almost out numbers those of the Judeo-Christian tradition who willfully carry on the eternal flame of our ancestors and Nations, Republics, and Democracies worldwide.

We don't need a Nanny State shoving whatever newfangled psuedo-science doctrine they've conjured up down our throats any more than I need another television show or public school classroom telling the young what morality they should adhere to.

I don't make a big deal of morality generally, but one ruefully notes that the traditional morality has all but disappeared from public discourse and we are awash in a sea of multi-culturalistic garbage with nothing to grab on to but lies and lies and more lies.

They drift through our fingers until we loose all hope and sink to the bottom of a blood red ocean which is more than gleefully contrived to cheerfully let us rot in unmarked graves, lost to history, dead to the future, alive only in beastly heredity.

America is Dead.

In every stage of this oppression we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

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