Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rep. Dennis Kucinich given the 'Boot'

Breaking news for many in the nation, and a due judgement for the loudmouthed 'independent' segment of the democrat establishment - Rep. Dennis Kucinich has been politely asked to leave the political dialogue by the voters of Ohio.

Before I comment with leaden resolve on the innate justice of this near inevitably timely "plebiscite", I would like to mention that this 'event' will most likely be spun by the liberal hit-and-run radicalist media with not only an 'anti-romney' slanted spin, but will absurdly be abused by the Columbia schooled journalists as a way to engender undecided voters with the anti-war progressive 'cause'. CNN, MSNBC and NPR in simultaneous conjunction will insinuate itself into the conscience of republican Ginrich/Paul/Santorum supporters disheartened by Mitt's seemingly close but in all actuality decisive victory by playing on early post-9/11 pre-conscious nostalgia. I've noticed it already generally by the sheer wave of unflattering photo's of an yellow toothed Romney in full gloat; but I can near promise that the Ron Paul niche will be mined for every ounce of pro-democrat gold possible and filled to the brim with anti-conservative resentment by way of what The Hill termed an 'ousting' of Dennis 'The Menace' Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich is more than just an shrub of rabblerousting populism~ he is an icon of the character of radical democrat ideology run rampant and bitter with shockingly ineffectual attempts at headline grabbing controversy.

Kucinich is well known within the beltline and on mainstreet as an anti-war, anti-republican, anti-american ankle-biter... and most discount his legitimacy of opinion and platform thusly.

What most will unfortunately not remember is how closely tied he was with 'Bama Hussein and his Regime and their inherent radicalism and hatred of Exceptionalism.

I need not mention much more than an post-election plane ride to elicit memories of Kucinich and the culturalatti head honcho palin' it up at the taxpayers expense.

Kucinich always struck me as the kind of person T. Wolfe coined a 'lifer', or 'flak-catcher'. A career politician who made his livelihood on theatrical displays of outrage, Kucinich's second language was laughter.
An odd combination considering the massively un-laudable 'principled stances' he made based on loosely referenced research by his underpaid staff and plum-pickled classico-progressivism rooted in hatred of god, country and mankind's principle of victory by strength.
His untimely demise will surely tearlessly be wept over by the most leftist of the left wing estabbyment, and the publik will surely remember not only his bold lack of support for the engagement of our armed forces with the muslim middle east - but also his fervor in implicitly 'empathetic' implication of Conservatives in criminality regarding militaristic endeavors. His last deceptively noblesque notable act was to specifically attempt to thwart America's military engagement in Libya by way of a sour technicality of constitutional interpretation.
Morals and ethics were Kucinich's weak suit. His 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-esque' declarations of contrived anti-americanism will surely tickle the conspiratorialism of the reprehensible Howard Zinn branch of the Marxist Historical Society of America for ages to come with 'on-the-record' faux-fillibusters ripped from the annals of C-Span...

...I can't say I'd place too much money on the aforemention'd librarians of the ludicrous to notice Dennis 'The Menace' Kucinich's overwhelmingly obvious contrivance of tone, content, and intention - but I'll wager our future generations will aptly forget to notice the untimely flailings, and be spared the screeching diminutive rhetoric of this pathetically noticeable classico-marxist.

Rep. Kucinich Obituary - R.I.D. (Rest in Disgrace)

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