Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Short Note to my regular Readers...

I'm noting in this blog entry that I have gone back and edited, deleted or altered several of my previous entries out of a sense of forthrightness and sincerity.

The following were edited to ensure historic continuity -

-Super Tuesday Special-
The Insider's Santorum
Domestic Democracy United - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ...
Romney, Santorum, and Bachmann's Pardon
I'm a Conservative, but...

I hope none of you hold it against me, and I'll try and be a little less biased in the future regarding my own preference within Conservative Philosophy generally speaking.

1. DDU officially acknowledges the 'negative' aspects of editing previous posts.
2. If you calculate the word count proper to words that were 'edited', my accuracy rating remains 98.7, despite the lamestream media's accounts to the contrary.
3. The Domestic Democracy United SuperPAC and otherwise is officially 'closed' until further notice.

Thanks for your continued support - in the coming months I will focus primarily on commentary predominately derived from William F. Buckley Jr.'s The National Review.

Disclaimer - Please note that all 'controversial' opinions have remained unedited in the spirit of self-sacrifice, philosophical integrity, and a knowledge that many of you, Trollface.ru readers especially, frequent my page for said 'edge'.

Secondary Disclaimer - My reason's for partially backing Santorum and forming a Political Action Committee were all too 'transparent', and I apologize.

Tertiary Disclaimer - Sorry about the official-ness etc. and disclaimers etc., but I am partially logging this material for the purposes of _REDACTED_.

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