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The amount of confusion in the U.S. is palpable, not just in terms of the old papyrus press, but pretty much by way of the National conscious, subconscious, consciousness - as well as conscience.

We are lost.

We need hope.

I ask you, dearly beloved reader, not to find it here: Please, do not read - unless you want the raw facts regarding the struggle for redemption on the world stage as a means of War (the ultimate act of love), as a means of Love (the ultimate act of war), and as a means of the well touted sentiment of WW3 buckleyan meandering... by way of instantly insane inanity being confronted with perfectly sane massive violence.

I would like to preface this ambling post-amble by saying that, even though I recognize the triteness of such a proclamation, "NO ACT OF VIOLENCE UNLESS SANCTIONED BY THE STATE LOCAL OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS EVER WARRANTED":

but, I am writing a discourse on "2083 - A european declaration of independence", so here goes -


Realistically, it is the 'End Times'. I, as founder of DDU (Domestic Democracy United) take this statement very seriously.

One of the most radical southern style 'end times' proponents said, contradicting the supposedly inherently violent gravity of such a claim, that quote "the end times started right after jesus was crucified and continues to this very day". To the alarmists and fearful Christians out there, this particularly radical mouthpiece for conservative protestantism said something to the effect of "the mark of the beast has not yet come", meaning no trumpets have been sounded... etc.

But that being said, if you are, say, a peak oil guy or girl (of whom I am very distrusting but would find ideological congruence with regarding this topic [apparently]), you should note that - yes, we are in fact near the 'end' of oil supplies.

The fact that this 'end' could go on for at very least 25 to 50 years is of little significance as far as this debate is concerned - and the need and possibility for alternative fuels and energy is, in my opinion, a moot point.

The realistic, yet confused, fact is, that, at least 50 percent will disagree and at least 50% will agree with this article to varying points of validity regarding the facticity of this particular diatribe... but only about 2 percent will admit it openly... a sad state of affairs in what used to be a free world based on globalism, democracy, and the judeo-christian tradition.

"who should be hurting?"

I.e. - who should get judgement in these end times?

Well, that's something I'll leave you all to decide for yourself.

But I'll wager one guess as our last round of troops are sent off to fight for democracy in the middle east...

who should be hurting?


I'll venture one last pre-post amble before I get started on interpreting 2083:

"I've read almost exactly half of the Koran, and -even though we are told to be understanding regarding cultural differences- 'ALLAH' is the definition of 'Satan'. We do not all worship the same thing with different names... that is multi-cultpropaganda telling us to 'give up hope' over and over again in the draw of some kind of pathetic negotiation for when the shit really does hit the fan - disreputable 'bowing', and the like, that our new overlords will be 'understanding' ('verstehen'). I've read the Koran, trust me. 'Allah' is 'Satan'."

-DDU Founder and Member, Brendan O'Connell

2083, A discussion of 'an' Endgame:

Hi, My name is Brendan O'Connell (a.k.a. John Oswald, Clip & Carbine, etc.), and I would like to welcome you to a fascinating but controversial discussion regarding racial interests, nationalistic interests, philosophical interests, and the growing 'apocalyptic' sense in our age where '2012' (the year) is synonymous with the 'end of the world'.

Many moderates, on either side of the spectrum, recognize the validity of the politics of 'self-interest'. We are not always as dedicated to our 'philanthropic sentiment', 'compassionate caring', and 'christ-like love' as we often admit to ourselves.

Well, I'm going to propose that christ's consideration that 'blessed' are those who show mercy gives to Christendom the stance of one who would be in a position to contribute mercy to one who was 'under the sword', as well as a hope that one would acknowledge the reality of letting judeo-christian blood reproduce into the future generally.

Sounds a bit weird, but when you consider the historical struggle for dominance as 'our' way of coming to be in this world, perhaps you can appreciate this sentiment.

The irony is, at this point, people of judeo-christian descent are in the minority - not only in the 'world', but generally within their given 'country' as well (this applies particularly to europe and the middle east).

Add to that, the fact that many 'of' judeo-christian descent (and this is an honorable 'of' indeed), either refuse to take part in it explicitly, deny it completely and accept more acceptable 'eastern' frames of reference, or fight 'against' it actively- and you've got an uphill battle for many who would like to see country, race, religion, or 'world' continue on in a suitable fashion... Not to mention 'survive' the 'end year' of 2012.

Now I may well be 'wrong'...

but assuming this 'will' be a problem at 'some point', let's consider the position of being capable of providing mercy in the future.

...because, as an end result of massive scale indoctrination, immigration, and subversion of traditional judeo-christian values - we may not always be in such a privileged position.

I mentioned before 2083, which brings to mind many things - including 'murder', 'manipulation', and 'sociopathy'.

But let's get aside that and just look at the date:

today is Jan 27th 2012 -

the date of the title of brevik's narrative is '2083'.

What could 'change' between now and then?

I'm a defender of democracy.

I'm a defender of liberty, freedom, and Truth - and consider them almost to be synonymous.

I'm a 'crazy person' officially.

...and I don't expect you to care, and I don't particularly care myself - but that IS the moral position I've chosen, and will continue to dedicate myself to for the rest of my life...

But what I want to ask you is, how difficult would it be to sort of... y'know - 'let democracy go'. Let 'morality' go. Let 'civilization' go - and just become another vicious un-christian nation?

I'd wager, through a very sophisticated mechanism of self-examination, not very difficult.

Matt Stone, I believe, once said the difference between libs and repubs is that libs believe 'society' constrains us - and repubs believe that 'society' or 'culture' is basically the only 'wall' keeping massive raping and pillaging from becoming common currency (a thin wall at that), and is quote 'a good thing', rather than a 'bad' thing.

Well, I haven't read ALL of 2083 - just the very convincing intro - but I know enough to understand that this particular 'end game' thesis says that these 'walls' of society could break down completely under certain circumstances - and due to the fact that the judeo-christian morality, lifestyle, and tradition has been so eroded- could cause a 'cleansing' of the quote 'white race'.

Don't believe me?

Ask yourself this...

Why is it that so commonly college curriculum teaches the 'injustice' of the judeo-christian tradition?

Why is it that the tea party was so massively vilified?

Why is it that, in England, someone can be arrested and punished for expressing 'anti-homosexual' sentiment (not to mention any kind of racial 'discrimination')?

I'll wager that certain academics early on in the last century had a certain biblical validity in their 'cold war' sentiment. You can counter bet, but I've been told that the certainty of 'our' narrative (and by the way, 'narrative' is a notion defended by Robert Solomon as a way of making our emotional strategies comprehensible at all) has increased from 98.6 percent likelyhood to 98.7 percent likely hood - so, even though MY hand may not be valid in this particular instance and will probably loose to an anti-gambling rigged deck - the Heritage Foundation (which, apparently, many conservos on Capitol Hill H-A-T_E) has a certain kind of accuracy [not that Rush's narrative and mine agree, but merely correspond].

{And every good christian knows, gambling is SIN. You can't spell 'casino' without 'sin', and I recognize the way in which by even conducting the following narrative - I AM SINNING.} But.... I repent.


So the end result is 'dictatorship/fascism', according to brevik.

We, the cultural conservatives and anti-fascists of America must therefore do everything possible to defend democracy and freedom and prevent a fascist dictatorship by seizing power any way we can - i.e. tea party tactics.

We must enforce a harsh but 'just' Democracy, any way we can - i.e. tea party tactics.

The Marxists, both academically and in the marxist controlled media, have for more than 50 years disregarded the 'will' of the majority of Americans. The time for 'dialogue' is over. The time for resistance is over. The time for reasonable assessment of 'priority' is 'in vogue'.

The most basic 'Rights', as defined by our history, must be defended tooth and nail against deliberate attacks by an institutionalized 'genocide' of whites, african americans, and anyone sympathetic to Christianity 'properly defined'...

We call upon you, fellow americans, europeans, asians, and internationalists to 'stop complaining' and join the resistance to the Marxist/Multiculturalist elites, who are leading us to the slaughterhouse by selling us into slavery.

We, the patriotic Americans, will continue to revolt against "the Nazis of our time", the cultural Marxists who hate the idea of a higher power, who hate the idea of GOD, and who hate the idea that JESUS died for our sins to offer the whole world salvation (I repent for typing the Lord's name).

We 'tolerate' them, we offer them 'respect', but they just 'assault' and 'assault' and 'assault' our heritage.

Yes, in a way, we have already lost the democratical struggle to defend America and Europe from deliberate cultural annihilation... but as more people realize this, we will see an increasing number of Europeans joining the ranks of American Post-Patriot Nationalists to overcome the multi-culti self-nihilism of Marxism.

Many brothers and sisters, rulers and subjects, have died for this cause through out history - but by different names and circumstances.

Will we reject our history in favor of 'heaven on earth'?

Will we reject our history in favor of 'diversity of opinion'?

Will we reject our history in favor of 'domination by foreign occupiers'?

Probably, as we are a fearful race at this point.

Heidegger, Martin Heidegger, made an interesting point in a passage I read earlier today which said "Fear is Forgetting".

Well, we have been made to be fearful people who can't remember what our Tradition was really all about. Our tradition, as Americans, is The DOI, and the Constitution.


one glance at the actual papyrus with properly christian faith".

I still consider this to be true.

I have a very clear message for you:

We know who you are, where you live, etc. If not today, then tomorrow, you will be confronted with the truth of Faith and Scripture... and when you are - will you just deny the validity of your own ancestors on the basis of multi-cult indoctrination?

Because, that is where the initial 'recoil' to any mention of Jesus comes from, jftr.

It also must be remembered that the element of surprise is crucial.


If you are a Tea Party Patriot, an Evangelical, or a Nationalist - and you are not on Facebook- you need to shape up and adapt. Get on facebook now and network with fellow lovers of dignity and freedom. Send this to a friend, or patriot, etc.

Never the less:

TO ALL patriotic FACEBOOK activists:

-Take america back!

-English Defence League!

-Ban Islam!!

-Stop Islamisation, wake up Europe

-Stop Islamisation of Europe

-Stop Islamization of America

-Contre L'islamisation de l'Europe/Against Islamisation of Europe

-I Support Isreal in the War Against Terrorism

-Take America Back

Use your imagination -


Domestic Democracy United Founder and Member,

Brendan O'Connell

2083: a declaration of independence

by Anders Brevik (only read if you disagree... if you agree slightly, DO NOT DOWNLOAD)


This does not reflect on DDU members, DDU is not affiliated with the republican party, and DDU explicitly finds Mr. Breviks 'calls to revolution' to be narcissistic and dangerous in the same way marxism can be narcissistic and dangerous.


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