Friday, January 20, 2012

THIS JUST IN - Major Brushfires in Reno, Nevada

Apparently I'm getting in the wire that there are over 10,000 people evacuated from their homes in Reno, Nevada - Home of COPS parody Reno 911.

Firefighters are currently fighting overwhelming fires there early this friday morning, and authorities are wondering, "How do we contain the fire?".

I'd just like to make this blog post very quickly, and hope that all of you out there send your prayers to the fine men and women of the Reno FD.

This may or may not be just breaking now, though I suspect - due to the most recent article on this being from an hour ago and sneaking optimism regarding the internet media merely "issuing press releases", that this is salient news for the people of Reno, Nevada, and all of the Southwest.

Some reports say the firefighters are 'working around' what, in certain areas, are massive flames.

As many as 20 homes have been destroyed in the fire so far.


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