Saturday, January 21, 2012


Gingrich wins in South Carolina, and ain't it great?

The, by now, weirdly pervasive anti Newt rhetoric has fallen flat on it's face.

Rupert Murdoch endorses Santorum, as do I - but a win from the man who had to 'shut down a rally in hew hampshire due to security concerns'fxnws nh caucus#? I wouldn't take NEWT too lightly, or too heavily either - though I can attest to one thing - much of the north east gippy ole partay estabbyment takes the SC vote as quite an indicator.

I mentioned in previous blogs recently about 'the historical precedent' of winning Iowa - which is true - more or less all of the most recent G.O.P. people who have gone on to become POTUS have won Iowa.

But south caroline, oh missus caroline, could prove to have it's pulse on the pro-bush crowd, as well as those a bit more educated and classy than the Iowa midwest cowboy crowd - which could be exactly why claims that the SC caucus won't have as much 'impact' as many suspect.

But I never learned from history, as - perhaps just in a buckleyan standing athwart removed sense - I'm going ahead and endorsing the Santorum -

So, Santorum - if anyone, is my official DDU stance.

I'm calling for people to vote Santorum, on the basis of his strong stance on social issues, and previous endorsement of Bachmann - who nodded out to Santorum's tune, but graced him with an unofficial nod of the hat endorsement.

But of course, catholic conservatism is no 'sinister' thing as I so blithely put it -

as one unnamed southerner said in an horrific terrible movie one time -

No one hates Satan more than the Pope.


But, in all honesty, the debate between not-romney and romney should be framed on the basis of all of the individual merits of each candidate, not just on the basis of the lamestream media bias -

I'm kidding of course,
It's Catholic vs Mormon all the way down the line -

My one defense of Newt is, he's what the Sun called a 'skinwalker' -

All of their blahs, none of their blahnesses.

Oh, and Domestic Democracy U would like all valid concerns regarding yr own interest in politics to be just real quick expressed in the comment box.


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