Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rats Occupy 'Occupy DC'

There are unsupported rumors that rats, which the Washington D.C. government has ordered to 'never be exterminated' by pest control techniques cited as 'inhumane', are occupying the Freedom Plaza Occupy location in our Nation's capitol.

Rats, which the policy makers have been taught in their elitist institutions of academia, are 'animals' quote "just like us", D.C. decided, at some point or another in our nations fine history, are to be treated as a problem of diversification of rat populations rather than an actual problem regarding quote 'pest control' - another example of government legislation causing FMD (free market democracy) to be virtually incapable of doing its job.

Instead, the enlightened lunatics who provide us with numerous and concurrent examples of their numbscullery on a constant basis, give us a 'nuanced' position about the rat problem...

We'll export 'em to northern virginia!

That's right, entire 'families' of rats in the d.c. area are to be captured and detained, isolated, and then removed from the initial area of 'residency' to a more suitable location in the suburbs of quote "Northern Virginia".

But what does that do to the rumors of rats being found in the Occupy encampments in D.C.?

I dunno, but clearly these guys in D.C. are 'nuts'.

oh wait, that only works with squirrels.

Well, squirrels, I'm sure according to these pro-epa types, are probably paying dues to have the responsibility to the NLRB to endorse a position of bureaucratic 'compassion' towards squirrels.


Oh wait, that only works for sequidginapedals.

no kidding, bats -

But yeh, I can't think of any good rat puns, so I'll just end this little RUSH digression with this expression of faluire and disappointment.


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