Thursday, January 2, 2014

Punk Rock Republicanism: It DOES Exist

from wiki:

Johnny Ramone was known within the punk rock community as one of its notable conservatives, and was a staunch supporter of the Republican Party. Johnny made his political affiliation known to the world in 2002, when the Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After thanking all who made the honor possible—clad in his trademark T-shirt, ripped blue jeans and leather jacket—he said "God bless President Bush, and God bless America".[10] He said in an interview, when questioned on his conservatism, "I think Ronald Reagan was the best President of my lifetime." In this same interview he claimed that "Punk is right wing".[11]
Johnny is quoted by The Observer as saying: "People drift towards liberalism at a young age, and I always hope they change when they see how the world really is."

In an attempt to distance conservatism, to a degree, from the liberal presentation of all repubs as the definition of 'square' I will be - in an attempt to start my future book "The Conservative Character" - trying to paint those who would be republican or ARE republican as defying the stereotypes leftist progressives attach to our character so mercilessly and tirelessly and typifying the true, authentic punk ethic.

Let's start with this: DIY

...or Do It Yourself.

Barack Obama during the last presidential campaign said famously "You Didn't Build It".

This is precisely the reason why liberals never find themselves truly embracing individualism.  Exactly because, as cultural studies indicate, if one adheres to an ideology in which any success attained is by virtue of Collectivism-as-such then surely such fine and time honored traditions as doing it oneself, or sheer grit and determination, or self-reciprocation etc. would be found in sour disrepute amongst the leftist cabal.

Mr. Hussein Obama said if one succeeds it is only because of some teacher that one had during mandatory educational services!  What a joke!
All success is directly despite the meddling of intellectualism, social engineering, or oversized central government.  Why?
Because of the slight of hand in "reformations".  All of the whole of the task of reforming young people undercuts Freedom-as-such...  and all success, public or private, eminates from the genuine article of Freedom-as-such.  Where there is no freedom of Spirit, there can be no freedom to excel.  Where there is no freedom to excel there can be no capitalism. 

Conservatives such as Johnny Ramone have succeeded in defining entire era's.  Succeeded in worldwide fame and notoriety.  Succeeded monetarily and with women.

But it would seem that autonomous talent is actually a threat to the collectivist mindset.
They resent, quite frankly, the fact that someone who doesn't buy into the liberal BS could be vastly more influential than they, themselves are!  All of the terrible things that have been said about Johnny, they're futile - Ramones still continue to offer vast works of bubble gum punk, with such as lyrics as "Don't talk to commies" and "I don't like communists" and "let me see you go go go go to Cuba" (Which btw - I used as a chant upon an impromptu mocking of an occupy encampment a while ago)!  

Without the public recognizing that the stodgy, grey haired repub cliche doesn't accurately represent the republican constituency we stand no chance in 2016.

We should all remember, MANY prominent musicians filmmakers and authors are Republicans - and are often attacked for it within the lamestream media!

So, remember - JOHNNY RAMONE - guitar player for RAMONES - lifelong repub.



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