Saturday, January 4, 2014

What is Psychical Energy and Why Is It Inherently Evil?

Early discoveries in psychology have yielded some troublesome results - among them, Freud's notion of what he termed "Psychical Energy".  That's right, not cyclical - not physical; but 'psychical' energy.  That is, as in - psychic energy.

It's an idea that Freud writes about quite extensively, yet is a darkly held secret amongst the psychologist cabal of today.  Freud believed that the mind has 'energy', beyond the mere physical electro-chemical charge, and this yielded an interesting yet problematic psuedo-science that has, inevitably, resulted in an inherently evil use of human spirit.

Without being too descriptive as to what exactly Freud meant by this queer 'psychical' energy, I think we all - as christians - can agree that the 'psychic' world is one of pagan evil.

If one IS to intuit what is on another person's mind, it inevitably must be a kind of grotesquely imaginative act - and this is far more moderate than what Freud had in mind when he studied the 'psychical energy' of the mind as a science.  I made the bold claim a while ago, mildly conspiratorial, that when Freud posited that the mind directly correlates to the structure of the universe he systematized something that before then had remained ethically unexamined.  This may not, in fact, be true -

However, I don't think that anyone can argue for the telephone psychic's authentic christianity.

Psychical energy and it's use remains and will continue to be inherently pagan.

This isn't to discount ALL psychological discoveries or ALL of Freud's ideas.  To be frank, I believe that if Freud himself saw how his discoveries have been misapplied in today's technological era, he would be gravely saddened.  Too bad for him, eh?

But what do we make of the bold claim itself that there even exists such a 'psychical' energy?

Obviously discounting it as inherently preposterous is the ethical reaction, but today it would seem this has become an impossibility.  How does one account for the fact that the most outrageously superstitious notion imaginable, that is - that one can quote "read minds" - how does one account for it's scientific analysis and systematization?

I honestly have no idea - all I'll say for now is that the term 'psychical energy' exists, it is generally not recognized publicly, and it is, according to my own beliefs, inherently pagan and evil.

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Brendan O'Connell founder and member of Domestic Democracy United

DDU 2013

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