Monday, January 13, 2014

Constitutional Conservatism

One of the primary aspects of conservatism is adherence to constitutional spirit as defined by the founding fathers of the U.S.  As stodgy and traditionalist as this can appear, the belief in tradition as defined by the founders is far from conformist. You may have heard the ideology that spawned such gems as "The founders owned slaves" and "The period in history of the nation's founding is far removed from the modern or post-modern age" or "The original sentiments of the founders are irrelevant for our technologically oriented era".

These are all, unequivocally, excuses.
Unforgivable excuses for "changing" the constitution to suit the needs of a far less glorious generation than of those who fought and died to build the America intended by god himself.

Conservatives look at the constitution a little differently than your average progressive.

Where they see opportunity, we see duty.
Where they see the future, we remember the past.
Where progressive dems see change, conservative repubs recall tradition.

The idea that the constitution is a "malleable" document, meant to be changed to fit the times and circumstances is inherently based in a progressive ideology from the beginning of last century; an ideology espoused by early thinkers trained in german schools of neo-hegelianism - that is, the belief in dialectical materialism, or communism proper.

They have tried, from the beginning of the last century until today, to define the Hegelian dialectic as an historical entity-as-such.  This is incorrect.

Classical Hegalians, or "old Hegelians", looked at his profound dialectic as merely the movement of spirit in "authorship"-as-such.  The dialectic is not 'historical; according to the old Hegelians.  Dialectic is inherently spiritual.  Some have even argued that this dialectic is Hegel's synthesis of the father, the son, and the holy spirit - translated; thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Yet these "progressives" believe the dialectic to be inherently revolutionary.  A force, an opposing force, a struggle and then the victory of one over the other.  This is inherently communist, and progressives know it.

The fact is, Marx, one of GWF Hegel's early ardent students, had a mistaken interpretation of Hegel's hermeneutics and dialectic - as did ALL of the young Hegelians.  Yet somehow we allowed their interestingly inadequate strain of political nihilism to overrun all civilized discourse.

What Marx and all progressives are doing in their revolutionary, foreign, and unpatriotic thought is attempting to remove Spirit-as-such from the equation and replace it with materialism.  The identity of a country, according to the progressive commies, is not the spirit or mind of the times and tradition - but rather, the materials.  They effectively replaced 'spirit' with 'goods', removing Christ the Lord from Hegel's formula and replacing it with something far more secular.

It was and IS a dire shame!

Yet we continue to let progressives regress tradition to a hobbesian behaviorist era in thought!

I say, bring back SPIRIT.

DDU 2013


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