Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Case Against Big Government: Why Pioneers Prefer a Reigned In Whitehouse

Considering just how knee-jerk anti-establishmentarian the left wing of America often is, one would wonder why the counterculture doesn't embrace the right wing more.  Reagan once said, "The government that governs best governs least."
Does this imply that despite all the talk about the evils of society-as-such, the left wing in fact enjoys bigger government?
A cure-all?

Somehow I don't think this gets to the heart of the matter.

Ostensibly, the Left proper believes that not everyone is born free.  It comes down to this basic tenet.

It may sound odd, but the Left has never fully been able to comport with the concept of inherent freedom by virtue of existence-as-such.  In fact, if many counter-cultural iconoclast worshippers knew the truth, they might well go running into the arms of the, currently, immediately unlikable and stodgy Christie!
I doubt they would care enough, though.
The left has never really cared for freedom - they would rather limit freedom, limit other's sovereignty, limit the peaks of excellence.  To them, freedom-as-such is like a taco they order at a fast food chain - not an existent god-garaunteed right, endowed to all by virtue of life in-and-of-itself.  

"I'd like my cheesy crunchy crisp freedom with a large coke." They say.

Let me, for a moment, assume there is an off chance that you - dear reader - are of the Left wing school of thought.  Now I know, you don't like the idea of Christie.  I know.


Just think of your own party's dirty little secret...

That is, that Progressive Democrats don't believe that everyone is born free, as the constitution clearly states.  Your party, in fact, believes it is very important that this is not the case - though they won't tell you so out loud.  No, in fact - the left believes in one thing by virtue of it's commitment to the notion that the government can and should fix the ailments and ills so eloquently underscored in soc. 101 -

They believe that one must EARN freedom.

So, one isn't born with freedom - one must earn it.

It's not something they like being public about, but trust me - a central component of the Left's ideology is that freedom-as-such must be earned, and it is not a god given right.

So, will you consider voting for someone who believes in the sovereignty of every individual?
Will you "buy into" voting for the square that believes in the sanctity of the Constitution?
Will you vote Christie?

The fact remains;  This country has an identity.

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