Saturday, June 16, 2012

THIS JUST IN - Obama Administration Ignoring North Carolina Democrat Party

In the recently published installment of Nation Review, John Hood reports from Raleigh N.C. that due to the Homo-Sexual Harassment scandal plaguing the democrat establishment in North Carolina of late, the Obama Campaign is "pretending that the North Carolina Democratic party doesn't exist."  When I discovered this disinterested bit of in-between-the-lines journalism today, I was informed by a good democrat associate of mine that said snub by the Regime, much like Kitchen-Gate and Bust-Gate wherein Obama turned a cold shoulder to U.S. - U.K. relations, couldn't possibly be factual - as it appears, on the surface, merely to be commentary.  However, like all things of the journalistic spirit, one can easily report on things generally left unsaid; which is what Mr. Hood appears to be addressing in the short snippet I quoted.  Is it true that the Obama Campaign is ignoring the Democrat Establishment Machine in N.C.?  If so, in what way and why?  It seems to be Mr. Hood's thesis, in this flattering full length article on the North Carolina political system entitled "Conventional Wisdom" appearing currently on news stands and forever in the annals of scholastic research databases nation wide, that due to the recent events having to do with a certain player in the within the D.E.M. in N.C. named Jay Parmley and his homosexual indiscretions, the N.C. Democrat party has become renowned for corruption and dereliction of duty.  Parmley was charged with sexual harassment by a young male staffer, and the scandal involving Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party David Parker's inability to bite the bullet publicly and, indeed, overarching lack of condemnation of Mr. Parmley has apparently tarnished the image of the Democrat hierarchy within N.C.  What does this, in fact, mean?  It seems to be pointing towards the inherent lack of credibility and distinction for the identity of Liberalism within our proud state, and may even be a sign of mob-like dysfunction as in, say, an whorehouse.  ACORN, which was disbanded after evidence surfaced that they were helping set-up under-age sex slave rings, is much of kin to a criminal enterprise one might suspect bears resemblance to what we've seen in fiction and film on the Mob - so the comparison is not as drearily inapt as one might suspect.  I've long said that for a right to work state such as N.C., there is a fair amount of Labor Union organization that goes on under the surface of daily statewide enterprise.  Is it possible that with the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) falling into supposed disuse and fraudulent ideological positioning, we're witnessing the triumph of Democracy and the fall of an ancient criminal cartel?  Obviously not, but the comparison seems apt.  I can imagine Mrs. Purdue, a lady of certain distinction within the N.C. D.E.M., struggling to save face with family and friends as her gang of ideologues crumble under the weight of the new conservative ascendency.  I don't mean to sound at all coy, but National Review sums up the current political war-map thusly, "The host state of the national convention now has a barely functioning party organization, one that faces the prospect of loosing both the governor's office and the legislature  to the Republicans for the first time since General Sherman's troops were camped outside the state capitol."  With all this said and played out, I'd wager if it is, in fact, true that the Obama Campaign is ignoring the N.C. D.E.M. - it surely must have something to do with Obama's distaste for all things southern and rural, the Regime's inflexibility regarding how to deal with rank and file members of it's own organization, or perhaps simply the gut-check reaction of pedestrians passing by a violent crime on the street without wanting to become involved in the affair.  I'd wager the last is inevitably true, and should Obama refuse to give fair credence to the honor of Sir Walter Raleigh  he and his green-eyed czars will sleep a little less soundly knowing that their rank and file members living two states down from D.C. are set for major losses.  I think the question we're all asking is, what now?  I know, starting September 3rd, Democrat National Convention in McCrory country.  Should be, to the best of my knowledge, an historic and monumental occasion for people of all creeds, colors, and convictions to have it out for all the world to see - though for many people, it would seem that this is a one-way street.

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