Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obamerica on Bath-Salts

I've recently received intel from a trusted source within the growing Healthcare Caste that the rumors of leaks from with-in the federal government, the information presented by the press as a result of said leaks, and much of the political climate taking hold in our country of Obamerica is at worst a devious designed conspiracy, at best a pathetic re-election bid.  More than likely the leaks that have been reported on of late (of which I'm not familiar apart from the purported tuesday 'dronings') in the press are teleological contrivances derived directly from the Exec office.  According to the source, the 'leaks' which the Regime's messiah addressed last week as young people across the nation graduated from school and began their summer festivities are, in fact, purposeful unofficial press releases intended to release classified information to the public through what Limbaugh aptly termed the 'State Controlled Media'.  That is to say, when Obama said last week in his conspicuous address to the nation 'anyone from my administration caught leaking information will be prosecuted accordingly', his disingenuous tone was appropriate considering the authenticity of the words spewing from the teleprompter.  This is, as I said, according to a trusted source.  I can only relate this purported contrivance by the Regime and deviance from the S.O.P. for those possessing confidential information relating to National Security with the disclaimer that it may or may not be true, and I may or may not agree with the sources' position, as I generally try to temper how far my ideology goes when it comes to intentional malfeasance and malice in government institutions, as odd as that may sound considering my previous positioning of Collectivism - however, if it is true that Obama and his Regime are intentionally leaking information about events within the White House as part of the new Forward campaign, I can only cringe in terror when I think of the National Security implications of this kind of amateurism.  One thing which I believe gives this story credibility is the way in which one can empathize - I mean, suppose you were the 'captain of club america', and you were doing all of this 'super-cool but classified stuff' - yet the majority of the public still despised you.  Wouldn't you want to try and let the people know about some of the 'super cool' stuff you and your cronies were doing so that they know how cool you really are?  I don't know how far that goes really, but I'd wager if this story of Obama covertly leaking information to the press and then overtly condemning the leaks is true, the above childish train of thought probably strikes a chord with the actual sentiment behind such an egregious error as toying around with National Security childishly.  I still regard former President Bush's stoicism and virtual silence as the press thrashed his administration before the two election season's of 2004 and 2008 to be the mark of a true leader, not to mention strategist.  Probably the result of Ham Rove or some such thing.  Anyhow, Obama is clearly high on bath-salts - and will surely try and eat the face of the mainstream American electorate very soon.  I'd wager, right about the time the confused 2012 constituency sits down to clarify ethically obtuse angles of politics and life.  I'm sure they'll be provided with fruitfull examples of why they believe what they don't actually believe by the Mainstream Hit n Run Media, be given ample substantiation of why those born with vast intellect and political malice know what's best for them by the Democrat Establishment Machine, be persuaded in how to vote by faint lofty memories of white racism and the klu klux klan, and finally in November be ushered into the voting booths by black boot and nightstick regalia'd members of the Black Panther Party - knowing that they know what they know even thought they don't know what they know and have a clean conscious... and a face scraped clean of flesh by the gaping maw of bath-salted collectivism.

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