Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Overwhelming Danger for America : Collectivistism by way of Healthcare

The way in which hospitals, healthcare, and healing generally have moved from passive individualistic enterprises to dangerous collectivist criminal enterprises is not to be misrepresented in any way, whatsoever.  Surely they'll do their best to fix physical maladies and other such things;  however, I don't think anyone could honestly argue that the healthcare industry hasn't obviously transformed from primarily a place to help injured or ill persons to a prototype of the function for hospitals in the early stages of the Holocaust - that is, a location in which to implement grotesque satanistic research and the pragmatic mechanism of eugenics.  This statement is undeniably true.  The same goes for homeopathic medicine, which is more or less simply a dullards practicing of paganism and do-it-yourself torture.  I contend that there must have been a time when the practice of medicine and healthcare was a virtuous endeavor;  that time is certainly, unequivocally, and objectively not of the present age.  Healthcare, however virtuous someone under said industry's employ may be, is irrefutably an industry with treasonous ideology.  Collectivism is never more at home than in the antfarm of a hospital, more forcefully in our homes than with the encroachment of Psychiatry and Psychology, and more connected to the ideology of eugenics than in regards to the profession of Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, and all other cretins working for what amounts to a criminal cartel undermining the sovereignty of the Law.  There is no such thing as an individualist healthcare worker, for to even become a doctor or nurse one would have to abandon commitment to Christ in favor of commitment to some pagan greek, some code of ethics which runs contrary to God and Country, or to the ravenous bloodthirsty monstrous Blasphemer of the primary force for ideological (as, obviously, opposed to literal) eugenics.  The sole fact in which I'll drive home this indictment is the place the Healthcare industry fills in our society, and the degree to which Healthcare and many associated organizations are merely mechanisms of collectivism rather than places of healing.  When you die, you will more than likely die in a hospital - and the doctors and nurses and associated cabal of the educated who work at this factory of federalism will simply say, "We did all we could".  Why would you even bother to stick up for them?  Because you watched that laughable socialist doing an impression of an American on "House"?  Because you knew someone who went to a hospital at some point?  Because you yourself believe more in the institutions of Satan than in an individualistic interpretation of the Bible?  One word - Obamacare.  Done.  My Argument Wins.

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