Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Systematic Blasphemes of Collectivism - Multi-Cult, Humanism, and You

I was once, as a matter of fact, given a not-so subtle but decidedly restrained lecture on morality by an Hispanic nurse.  She commented that cursing, saying naughty words, was condemnable according to Christian morality.  This was her response to accusations of the institutional fraud of the near pathological collectivism inherent in Obamacare legislation.  I'd like to respond, as politely as one can, to the ideology that would suppose that proving two wrongs makes one right while addressing the role of collectivism in what is known as multiculturalism and humanism.  My answer, is that the Blaspheme of collectivism amounts to a far greater sin, due for far greater judgement, and of far more salience than, say, using colorful language and any other moral determination made by someone defending their own sense of impunity.  It is the impunity that drives home the blaspheme, it is that lack of repentance that solidifies the sin itself, and it is only up to ones conscience and god for mans sin of collectivism to be forgiven.  Put thusly, generally accepted tenants of multiculturalism and humanism are derivations of the guiding ethics of Luciferianism and exist only due to the, key word, resentment of those who ascribe to radical liberation theology, social justice ideology, sub-terroristic inclination, and sub-marxism etc.  Many, of the decidedly educated persuasion, seem genuinely convinced that multiculturalism does not exist at all.  Some, of the inherently socialist persuasion, seem to think that any mention of multiculturalism in a negative context is thoroughly dangerous.  Almost all people in America branded with the collectivist upbringing of non-morality know about the term Humanism from a cursory reading of, for example, the author bio on the inside cover of 'Breakfast of Champions' or other pornography - which proves their strenuous intellectual commitment to whatever liberation theology they espouse or silently take comfort in.  The Churches of Multi-Cult and Humanism are awash with the runoff of fallen Christians, who take refuge in the warm clutches of collectivist ideology basically because of, sadly enough, being too arrogant to repent of their sins.  It is surely the case that there are more than plentiful reasons to believe that America is an appropriate place for multiculturalism and humanism; however, I'm going to argue that in an individualist society such as ours there is really no place for the ideology which says that promoting social justice is a virtue while denying the ideological base of their manifest attacks on sovereignty, the existent class system, the upper class, the middle class, the educational system, and democracy as was not only envisaged by the founders but as is intended by god in our day and age - not to mention the children.  I put it thusly to my friend who dismissed the allegations of the existence of a system of multiculturalism, "There is an ideology out there being perpetuated by the collectivist manipulation of individuals which basically says the following - 'If you are a white person, and you have a daughter of ample age - we are going to promote them being in intimate relationships sexually with people of other races.  The most radical who ascribe to this ideology go so far as to say that the promotion of intermixing heredity is a virtue while those of 'pure bred' descent are sickly and undesirable."  Due to more than adequate evidence, I will leave you with the cold hard fact that the aforementioned is unequivocally true.  If you are interested in doing your own research into this subject (as I should stop here before I harshly incriminate myself in the midst of a multiculturalistic ideological Obamanation), try Jonah Goldberg's 'The Tyranny of Cliche's' (relatively new publication), in which he makes my leap from multiculturalism and humanism to social justice ideology more apparent.  You can also reference 'God and Man at Yale', in which William F. Buckley Jr. makes the jump from social justice and economic redistribution of wealth to collectivism more transparent.  Lastly, one can reference the work of Adam Smith in economics for a good idea of what the inspiration for this country did and did not intend.

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