Friday, June 22, 2012

Pragmatic Collectivism: The Method to an End

Much was made early on in the Regime's attempt at instituting socialist/communist policies of the Messiah's 'pragmatism', which amounts to the ability to commit to any means in the pursuit of an end considered to be socially just.  Pragmatism within the sphere of individualism is nothing more than a method or stylization meant to cut down on unnecessary expenditures of energy and time.  Pragmatic Collectivism, however, is the ideological system that believes in a Neo-Hegelian movement of dialectical materialistic forces which evolve according to intellectually elitist precepts towards the much criticized notion of Heaven on Earth.  Most notably, this end was criticized by actor Jeff Goldblum publicly as well as within private academic bulling and cowing.  Obviously, the notion of an idealized realization of Heaven on Earth is problematic theologically - however, the real area which presents an obtuse ethical worldview is where the presumption is made that society, culture, ideas, governments, or anything else quote-unquote 'evolves'.  The basis on which this presupposition is made is inherently of the same ideological foundation that has, historically, led to totalitarian fascism not to mention the evils of the Holocaust.  As a matter of fact, this idea of evolution (which is intimately tied to if not a radicalization of the ideology of Eugenics) was one of the central precepts of Nazi ideology.  So, I want you to put together a couple of idea's here: A) Faith in a Christian sense B) Heaven on earth and it's achievability C) Collectivism and D) the idea of a 'means to an end'.  I'm assuming you've already got the point.  Basically, the problem is the false ideology of Evolutionary Theory as defined by Darwin and carried on by indoctrinated students of Darwin.  It has been said that should one contradict the notion of Evolution within an academic institution one will, generally, be chastised if one is a student and removed from said institution immediately upon discovery of doubting the inherently evil deification of science that is Evolutionary Theory if one is a teacher.  This has been proven.  So, what I'd like to ask is - in what way is the 'methodology' associated with the above premise flawed, intentionally anti-democratic, and the result of the most condemnable aspects of intellectual thought.  I'll make it quick; A) Evolution-based scientific inquiry is flawed in that it presupposes subjectivism whilst purporting objective truth, B) Evolutionary Theory is contradictory to Democracy by way of the promotion of undemocratic values such as the perfectibility of Man, Neo-Hegelian (i.e. communist) intent, and subversion of Christian thought, and C) Evolutionary Theory and its application through the method of Pragmatic Collectivism must, in some sense, be based in an aggrandizement of the capabilities of science as well as the sin of Pride.  End argument - I win.

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