Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama Directly Assaulting 2nd Amendment Rights With CNN's Help: A Leftist Cartel Caves To Humanism Once Again

Humanism, otherwise known as humanitarianism for kooks, has many purposes I'd suppose.  The bleeding heart Left has always had a penchant for empathizing with the struggling poor, the underprivileged and the working class.  But now with recent Obama assaults on 2nd Amendment rights, he's revealed what he truly is...  A muslim controlled U.N. scam artist.

He seems very international to me, at least.  Not very continental, but I'd suppose he's still just a U.N. crony communist.  Trying to take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands?  Go to hell, Barack!

As I reported earlier, patriots who own guns are under direct assault by this administration.  If you are a law abiding patriot who has any connection to hunting and rifle sports, personal gun ownership, or anything approaching a semi, you can bet the Muslim controlled NSA is at your door.  I mean, just look at how this administration targeted tea party organizations in 2010!  It's unlawful and just plain mean-spirited, this anti-gun legislation!

Forget the fact that the constitution gives free men the right to form Militia's for a moment.

These left wing nut jobs actually think that by regulating guns more strictly they can stop gun violence!  It's a fucking joke.  A murderer is a murderer when it comes down to brass tax.  And as Penn from duo Pen & Teller pointed out at some point, freer gun laws lead to armed citizens, which leads to patriots capable of stopping terrorists or lone wolf gunmen.

Think of the terror attack in Tennessee.

There, the soldiers were incapable of fighting back at first due to universal gun restrictions.

It's sick.

I say, more guns equals more security.

And now ole' 'Bama wants to enact even tighter regulations.  Why?  It's not as if your security agencies were doing their job we'd have less terror attacks, right?

I say, boycott this mandated sophistry that is the CNN lamestream media Gun Control TEAM 'BAMA 2016...
Etc etc
DDU 2016

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