Monday, June 3, 2013

Irretrievable Grace: Why the Recent Build-up in Security Leaves "Grace" Behind

Many people, at this point in U.S. conscience and falling from grace, feel perfectly free from guilt or remorse in lue of an untenable allegiance to collectivism in practical application.  The price for this may be subject to payment.  What will we pay for sticking our heads in the sand in light of the encroachment upon Freedom as understood by those who remember pre-Regime American life?

What will we pay?

The debt, of course, won't be nearly as severe as the price of the damages in Oklahoma after the recent multi-billion dollar tragedy that befell those in the mid-west.

But it will be something which we may never be capable of retrieving...  True "grace-as-such".

The grace of civility in matters of security and conflict domestically may be gone with the wind.

The truth and rights meant for our everyday lives by the Founding Fathers is something which could lose it's real sense of spirituo-religious grace, a peculiar existent sentiment honored and revered by most all in the U.S. for centuries.  Sometimes this sense of grace was understood to be the legitimate and prevalent sentiment known as "spirit".  This recognition of spirit, in the sense of, say, school spirit, as the primary mode of being-in-the-world has maintained an order of spirituality for decades.
If this sounds at all susceptible to undermining instincts it's because it very much is!
The "spirit" of a nation, of a culture, of an individual is fragile.

Grace, embodied or in some sort of differing abstract sense, is not merely finesse and mastery, though it is that in a sense.  It is the innocence of majesty.  Majesty, in it's pristine and noble condition outside of the constraints of disobedience.  We are in danger of losing this child-like sense of majesty and spirit.  Why?

Precisely this.

Tom Brokaw appearing on television directly after the Tragedy in MA. proclaiming it was time to live in a "new america" with higher security.  Telling us, as the voice of a generation of boomers, to "get used to it".

The key to understanding the degeneracy of Grace is in the conceptualizations in Negative Rights, or the right to be uninhibited by government.  Our freedom-as-such, in a negative sense, preserves our innocence and integrity as humans.  Human's who are distinct from the "lower forms" restricted by brute sin and instinctual degradation.  We stand in danger of degenerating to the status of birds in a park...

"It's like you once commented on the birds... they were all grabbing for scraps of food."

We're losing the grace intended for us by our ancestral forefathers of olde.

How can we save it?

By being graceful, each of us, in our own lives.

saying that, here are two examples of grace I've created for i-tunes:

mozart "switched on"

bach "switched on"

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