Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Answer to Our Problems: Why Communism is Terrorism, Not Acceptable


BRENDAN O'Connell: Thanks sir.  I have some information.  I shall be glad to tell the committee what I have learned and hope it will dull the point of the communist sickle.

I was born in Richmond VA and educated in Pittsboro NC @ Pittsboro Elementary,  Horton Middle School, and Northwood High School.
The imperative is that the New World Police be kept currently informed of the subversive  activities of the Communist Conspiracy and how this effects the rights of citizens of the Free World, with the Communist Conspiracy's activities and how they turn us into the unwitting tools or victims of a specific campaign of subversion.

Many of us know what is back of the mob violence which we have been considering.  It is probable, however, that few of the demonstrators realize that they are victims of a war that is being waged in the free world today.  It is a life and death struggle between communism, which makes the people the slaves of the state, and free world democracy, in which the state carries out the will of the people.
Our police are among the foremost gaurdians of freedom and thus a major target of the communists.  The better the force, the greater it's efficiency, the bigger it's competence in preserving the peace, the more vital it is for the communists to destroy it.  I understand the commitee's desire that I outline the tactics of the comminust subversion and describe several case histories illustrating their techniques for attacking police.
The international Communist organization provides a training manual for espionage agents in which their duties are enumerated.  This pamphlet was seized in europe.  Let me paraphrase the tasks assigned to agents in one of the countries of the free world.
First, make investigation and report on the activities of the police and security services.
Second, investigate and repress those security organizations that support the government.
I would assume this remains till today.
Third, find ways to infiltrate the police and security organizations to steal documents-particularly those recording their knowledge of communism-and to destroy everything of value.
I beleive that the manual is specific in those instructions.

I have an example.  Let me describe briefly the history of the Communist war against the police in one of the major countries of the free world.
Until the Communist politicians started to create trouble in recent years there had never been an incident on the record showing political interference  with the administration of the police force.
The communist technique has been directed primarily toward the discrediting the police in the eyes of the people.

The communists, of course, try to tell the people that police are in the pay of foreign powers.  Efforts were made to penetrate the police and recruit personel in headquarters  and provicial offices in security units.  Further, a smear campaign attempted to discredit the leaders among the rank and file.  The more outstanding and upright the senoir police officers, the more certain they were to become a communist target.

The above example is a rather awesome example of Communist techniques against the police...  Fortunately I can report that in this instance they failed.  The fine traditions of the free world police have been restored in this nation and we're on a road to true Freedom and Democracy.

As you know, there are two general aspects of Communist activity:
(1) The subversion aspect where efforts are made to penetrate and control every phase of political, economic and cultural life of a country.
(2) the militant aspect which involves agitation, demonstrations, riots, insurrection, and rebellion.  Police must have have a capability of dealing with both the subversive and militant aspects of communism.  This requires an internal security mechanism which provides an investigative  apparatus capable of identifying and developing information on subversive individuals and organizations and capable of neutralizing their activities.  It also is necessary that highly trained and highly specialized investigative apparatus  be supported by a larger force capable of controlling demonstration, riots, and other civil disorders.

Communism will work openly and legally where it can.  But it will work secretly and illegally where it must.  Its capability for conspiratorial work largely accounts for the survival of the International Communist conspiracy.

Their international movement has developed a system of defensive measures to protect itself against the police, against intelligence agencies and against a hostile public.  Knowledge of party activities is carefully organized.  An intraparty detective service and a controlled commision guard against police penetration.

Plans for offensive action are carefully devised and except for minor local adaptations constitute a detailed blueprint for worldwide agitation.

None of us should feel that the task is easy, nor that victory will be quick.  The commies are dangerous, feindishly clever, ruthless, and determined enemies.  Their potential loot?  The biggest possible...  Control of the world.  They will not give up the goal as long as they last.

DDU - NC, 2013



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