Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Liberal Cartel Bent On Destroying Southern Heritage

The left has little to no respect for the south proper, and generally nothing but contempt for it's fine traditions.  The way in which the liberal elite has attempted to usurp our fine heritage is beneath contempt.  From the stereotypes southerners endure in the lamestream media to the carpetbaggers moving down here and demanding Northern style infrastructure, the Northerners need to recognize that this fine land has a heritage: one which we should be proud of.
Old blood runs around these parts for hundreds of years, and one can't simply transplant that in favor of a new liberal utopia.
I say, bring it back to the traditions of the south, like the KKK.

The KKK no longer carries out lynchings nor does anything violent, yet this fine organization was founded in NC.  This is something we should be proud of!

And to think these yankee communists are going around defacing confederate soldiers graves!  It's a dire shame.  Let's at least have some tolerance for where we come from.  Let's remember the old time religion!

DDU 2016


  1. I find the insinuations that the liberal cartel poses a threat to our southern heritage and the idea that the KKK is an essential element of the tradition of the south offensive and irreconcilable with your standard "good old boy" mind set and the outlook on life that I follow religiously after Christ. Can't they do nothing to prevent the New Southern Apocalypse.