Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Unions: Raw Facts

Some facts about public/private sector labor unions:

"Nationwide, unions collect some $14 billion a year in dues, more than half of which comes from government employees."

"I think that one of the reasons Gray Davis was recalled in 2003 was his cave in to unions.  He accepted a $500,000 contribution from the prison gaurds' union immediately before he signed a bill massively increasing their benefits."

- Jon Coupal

"Dues money and union power were the real issue in" the effort to recall me. 'After it became clear we were serious about our union reforms... the union leaders couldn't wait to throw their members under the bus by saying they could live with higher contributions for health and pension benefits, but they would not bend on collective bargaining or dues deductions"

- Scott Walker

"...it is well recognized that if you take away the mechanism of payroll deduction, you won't collect a penny from these people, and it has nothing to do with the nature of the beast, and the beasts who are our teachers...simply don't come up with money regardless of purpose."

- Robert Chanin

The unions collect "more revenue than 65 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, giving unions huge money to spend on politics-almost all of which goes to Democrats."

- Mallory Factor

"...under current law, the unions have a guaranteed income stream that can threaten political leaders and bring them to heel."

- John Fund

Unions are the number one problem in the U.S. domestically when viewed in terms of their disproportionate influence on public-sector employees.  One would have to wonder, what are the real effects of public-sector unions when it comes to homeland security?  Do unions make their influence known in the NSA?  Do government workers, both small and large, really have to bend to their overwhelming presence in the workplace?

We generally think of unions in cliche'd ways - at the docks, down by the waterfront...

But compare that nostalgia with the NEA!

That is the National Education Association.

Do we really allow the NEA to control our children's education?
If so, for the love of god WHY?
It's not as if unions have any accountability!

They were guilty of all kinds of misappropriation of justice during the 2008 POTUS election; bussing in dispassionate voters in union vans...  even forcing workers who were members of the labor union to drive the busses and round them up!

Forget that unions have one thing in mind: money, and you forget where real corruption layeth.
We're always told by the left about the travesty of ethics that is the free market and the much demonized and vilified "corporation" - they make the claim that they are unethical.  Yet is not business ethics a mandatory class in business administration education?  Are we really to believe that the management and administration of a corporation is - honestly - particularly unethical?

I don't buy it.

But unions, public and private sector, are intrinsically unethical - de facto!

with unions, it's "all about the money" according to NR columnist John Fund...

"After his victory in the recall election, Governor Shwarzenegger resurrected Wilson's ballot initiative to end automatic dues deduction, a move he said would break the stranglehold unions have over legislature and the budget.  But he was too outspent..."

- John Fund

I remind the reader that unions are so prevalent in government that even our own "right to work" state of North Carolina has a union office right downtown Raleigh - The AFL-CIO.
What is the real influence of unions in our fair state?

I say, the repub party should look at fighting unions' influence through massive legislation after the immigration issue subsides - I mean after all, the real danger of Obamacare is implicitly related to the unionization of healthcare!

Thanks for reading!

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DDU 2014

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