Thursday, May 2, 2013

Academia, Government, Media and Science: The Four Pillars of Deceit

Science.  Irrefutable.
Academia. Required.
Media. Everywhere.
Government.  Universally despised and sparsely refuted.

These four pillars of what is appropriately described as the deceit of Citizens in our time are all similar in one respect.

I'll ask you, readers and thinkers, to ponder what School, Science, the Media and Government all hold common...


All of the pillars of deceit are, to a point, mandatory.  As in, extreme stigma and sanctioning if the pillar's resultant morality are not internalized, adhered to in convention and philosophy and, to a certain extent, propounded as intrinsically correct publicly.

God forbid one decisively and with determination oppose them!

Let's start our dialectic of the corrupt fruit of science with it's resultant ideologies.  One accepts science, one - except in rare and slightly forgivable circumstances - disregards religious tradition.  One studies science, one - with little exception - disregards all tradition.  One studies science, one - with or without exalting morality - condemns the right.  Inevitably.

In today's climate of intellectual sloven obedience, science has become and is becoming and had been simply a quasi-ethics of obfuscation packaged to dullards and those impressively "special" students as an assurance of profundity in thought and action.
In truth, it is the anti-thesis of such inclinations and, at it's worst and most oxen-like, simply those of an ignoble slave-cast turning the valuations of our existent class system on it's head.  I'd say it was "revaluation", yet that would seem to give to those of the decidedly scientific persuasion the honor that normally befits actual philosophy and artistic creation.  Drudging up psychologically engineered data from some un-vetted textbook publisher would fall quite short of such sentiments, it would seem.

"What about Newton?" I can only assume isn't a retort that would spring to mind for most of the scientific faithful.

Despite early Christian science's clearly important contributions, I've encountered a surprisingly disproportionate number of oxen-like dullards who, amidst their wandering and impotent dialectic, seem to feel perfectly fine dismissing the discovery of why things go towards the ground without any compunction whatsoever.

I suppose E=mc2 IS so profound that early discoveries of functional Truth aren't salient, prescient, or worth scientific inquiry.


Just open up while we shove Evolutionary Theory down your hapless throat.

Now take Academia, which proceeds from science-as-such.

I have no criticism of Academia that would be anything apart from trite.

All I'll mention is - I dropped out of High School upon an urging from my conscience.  I, goaded into satiating the beast of private/public "education" went back to the local college for those as dispassionate about selling my soul for academic pedigree as myself discovered - de facto - the ideology of eugenics being taught within the first day of a class.  I suppose I should've taken the notion that the world is overfull and deserves "depopulation for environmental concerns" seriously, but I did not.  I walked away immediately.

So this simple question to you!

What is the result of not walking away?

Government, as we all know, is tied to all things and rests in recompense.

I don't think it takes too serious of an ideological leap to take seriously the inclination to view government, in some sense, as deceitful.  In fact, this pillar of deceit lies in truth.

So, despite many misgivings by myself, I should note that government is, objectively, the least harmful pillar of deceit.  It remains a deceit with intentions pure.  It becomes much less for many and much more for a few.  Spirit, it would seem, is transparency...

Yet, the absolute limits of government are defined by the constitution of America-as-such.  These limits are the only epistemology I've known as being at all legitimate in the sense of pragmatico-teleological priority.  The priority of service to that which redeems one in the light of a fallen earth.  What is this redemption, if not derived from government and defined by church?

Finally, the final and most sinful pillar of deceit:  the media.

Media is so influential in the bathtubs of the world that many and many more make a substantial amount of sustenance perpetuating the myth that the State controlled media is legit.

It is not.

The state controlled media is not merely increasingly disappointing as a form of entertainment for weary world-goers....  It is, by great broad strokes and greater than cartoon-like hyperbole, a trainwreck delivered to the Publik on a daily basis - one failing to do that which was intended for it by early disciples of the Eternal Flame such as Ed Bernays.
  Why is the Media-as-such failing so glaringly?

By virtue of the progressive "evolving" influence of the previous Pillars.

We literally gulp, digest, shit - and then open up for a heaping dose of Deceit.

Science: A pillar of deceit.

Academia: A pillar of deceit.

Media: A pillar of deceit.

Government: Glaringly without sovereignty and without transparency or accountability.

Nice house you built.  Furnishings are so garish and upper middle class I'd like to move out, but will more than likely simply sit amidst their trash and lack of class.  Reminds me a bit of....

Reminds me a bit of the house old Mr. Jimmy Carter built.

You remember that one?  The house with the annoyingly gaush 70's decor?

At least we're ALL doing something good!

At least we can sleep at...

RT Stillwell

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