Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inside Scoop - The Fracking over-ride vote

So the big news in NC this morn' is that the Fracking Veto made by Bev Perdue was over turned last night in a late session vote in the state legislature, much to the chagrin of dems statewide.

Well, I'm blogging this very quickly as I have an inside scoop on the over-ride vote from inside the legislature.  A reliable inside source has informed me that during the vote last night, a single dem representative named Rep. Carney mistakenly cast her vote incorrectly by quote "pushing the wrong button".  Not only is this a fact from inside the legislature, apparently - if the vote had not been made incorrectly, the over-ride of the fracking veto would not have gone through; meaning it was this single mistakenly cast vote that led to the fracking veto being over-turned.  Apparently, during the vote someone (presumably Rep. Carney) was heard to shout, "Oh no, I pushed the wrong button!"

I'll leave this piece of breaking news as a testament to Politalk's politcal cahone's and simply say, "Insert Misogynistic Punchline Here".

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