Sunday, December 4, 2011

DDU Official GOP Presidential Endorsement~

Hi all,

Domestic Democracy United has officially endorsed, upon the dropping out of Cain in the GOP Presidential Nomination race, the most genuine candidate in the field - Mrs. Michelle Bachmann.

DDU believes that the only way to restore America to the state it was in before Barack's activism pushed our great nation to the edge of tragedy is to return to our christian values - More Christianity at school. More patriotism in everyday life... and less Secularism and Marxist policies of wealth redistribution and 'justice' for the oppressed.

His administration's heavy handed and broad stroked use of the liberal media has shown his hand at the table of political poker - and it is a hand which has no chance of winning. Therefore, their only recourse is to further Barack's Marxist agenda while continuing a shamefull bluff in the state sponsored media and, to bitterly divisive ends, in our institutions of academia.

Any of you out there with a sense of dignity in regards to the sanctity of Schooling must surely recognize that our school systems have, for the most part, degenerated into collectivist indoctrination centers that will leave entire generations of our young people burdened with ideology, disheartened at their lot, and incapable of being the patriotic citizens we need in our workforce in order to create the kind of civilization our great nation needs to survive. At this rate, our high school and college graduates will go on to work in devilishly designed economic models mired in antiquated Keynesian systems which will merely offer the illusion of productivity while squarely undermining our sovereignty.

Our college graduates, if lucky enough to find work, shall be so ingratiated to the Marxist ideology inherent in their scholarship that they will be nothing more than obsolesced cogs in a world economy that views them as mere inefficient middle class idiots, and wishes only to humor them until they find out that their country has been torn to shreds by Marxist/Socialist/Communist policies that leave our great nation as little more than a downgraded folly with no respectability internationally.

The forthcoming republican presidential nomination is our one chance to take our great nation back, reclaim it from the bitter resentful atheists which want nothing more than to institute a massive federalized welfare state, and renew our great nation's commitment to sovereignty only by virtue of our great Lord.

You see, as someone who has read Hegel's Phenomenology in it's entirety, the key difference between Barack's administration and one that would be likely to ensue under a republican president is this key distinction...

The 'progressives' believe that freedom is not a 'god given' right as guaranteed by the constitution of the U.S.A. (as a matter of fact, liberals widely believe the constitution to hinder the society they believe we are, at all times, 'progressing' towards - Heaven on Earth), but that freedom and rights are given by the federal government, and must be earned according to ones given circumstances. The way to 'earn' the 'right' to be 'free'?
Indoctrination at a public university and mandatory acquiescence to the value system of Marxism (i.e. a brash distortion of the New Testament or hardcore deification of Science).

Republicans, of course, believe that our Rights are granted to us by God, the almighty- and given unto all men regardless of status, race, or circumstance. You don't have to 'earn' freedom anymore than you 'earn' the color of your eyes. God grants unto ALL of his children the right to freedom - and the founders understood it is generally the infantile psychological impulse towards communism that keeps these rights from being realized. That is the basis of our nations noble impulse towards the so-called 'imperialism' of spreading democracy to other countries. We believe that democracy can liberate the people of the world from totalitarianism, and yea, Satan himself. We're chosen, we're going to heaven, and we want to take as many of gods children there with us as possible.

But we face difficult obstacles - Islam, for one. Ignorance for another. The impulse towards ignoble deconstruction of sacred symbols of the west's historical struggle for supremacy for the purpose of resentful blasphemy. The devious devices of misplaced humanism. The list of obstacles towards this great goal is near endless, for Satan's shadow seeks to subvert the sublime serenity of liberty with the surreptitious seeking of utopian singularity in surrender to the Evils of slick talking Marxists with the end game of self destruction.

So, I endorse Michelle Bachmann as the nominee for president, as she has the titanium spine so necessary to overcome the insurmountable obstacles seeking still to subvert the sanctity of Christendom.

Quick list of downfalls of the other candidates:

Newt - Catholic.
Romney - Mormon
Paul - Libertarian
Santorum - Catholic



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