Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Infamy of Individualism

Upon urging from concurrent members of DDU, and upon mine own conscience, and yea, upon the very foundations of what is meant by constitutional activism - I participated in a rally at the state capital a moment ago.

It was the most melancholic dismal array of leftwing activists, liberal media vultures, and insufferable marxist ideologues on break from their partly laudable but mostly laughable effete attempts at higher education.

The courthouse stood empty - The sky clear blue with wisps of contrail overarching through the sky - A bald black madman sang at the top of his lungs directly at the local media affiliate building, in vain.

A lone scruffy petitionist stood, hooded, waxing and waning about the need for undermining the technical electorate in favor of a government for, the much touted populist sentiment, the 'people'.

As technocrats returned to their offices the media turned the lens on this gold hearted arm of the thugish populist movement infecting North Carolina and found a poor soul desperately pleading with pedestrians about the grievances of a two party system I thought perhaps I should hold my 'God Hates Fags' sign a little higher. His thistled words echoing bev purdue's now massively publicized remarks about simply suspending elections were to me a shock at what our great republic has degenerated into. Perhaps that is what North Carolina really needs? I mean, considering it - I think bev purdue has the right idea! Why NOT just suspend elections, eh?

Libertarians and ilk have always appeared to me to have a keen insight and an insulting tone - yet, one could easily mistake any given libertarian for a cardcarrying member of the democratic party. Maybe they're merely, as someone once put it, 'fiscally conservative'.

The protests at the capitol revealed the occupy movements pathetic bid for the implementation of its radical agenda as nothing more than a trifle of songbirds with messianic ambitions for the next election cycle.

I, of course, have nothing to fear however... as I learned today that the REAL christianity is in fact honorable inanity regarding the interpretation of Moral minutiae. Christ means much to many people, but never has it meant so little as in the hands of those with an indoctrinated sense of reason and morality. To them, they see the MAIN TENENT of the new testament as good will towards others, and- I hate to be a humbug- that works marginally for preschoolers and should be avoided with guarded suspicion in terms of actual christian divination.

So, as this young buck of the south left his post for a moment, I - historically, ambled over to his encampment of messy, rootsy, toxic clipboards holding signatures. I posted my sign "Marxists Go Back To Cuba" side forward, and gently removed the dirty pieces of paper from the binding and simply tossed them on the ground- gave a slight snort of contempt, and wafted off without saying a solitary word.

As I walked away a lowly urchin of the street asked me 'what da deal' with my sign, I muttered something about 'repent sinner' and left with the satisfaction of knowing I had made my gesture, negated another's gesture, and expressed my distaste with this overhyped columbia-journalism-school-trained mass marketed campaign of communism.



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