Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequestration on the Hill

The prescient news in Washington seems to be the looming "across the board" cuts to defense and entitlements that seem to be leaving both Dems and Repubs cold.  I'm of the opinion that while these cuts in spending are a major story, there seems to be something going on underneath the surface which has more to do with why leading figures appear to be so viscerally upset.  If I had to make an uninformed guess as to what this, in fact, is - I'd wager it has to do with the negligence and lack of bi-partisan communication that is endemic to Washington D.C. more and more these days.

Bob Woodward on "Meet the Press" described there being a "Bunker Mentality" amongst Washington elites, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this is altogether true.   My own governer McCrory. upon a recent visit to D.C. described the situation there to be "very troubling" and "dysfunctional", which is a fairly forward thing for the new Governer to say publicly.

But something eludes me, it seems.  There must be something going on in the annals of the executive office and congress that is politely being left unsaid.  I can't, for the life of me, put my finger on it.  Is it that each side of the partisan divide is steaming mad at each other?  Is it that the Repubs have made compromises to the president and feel like they are getting little in return?  Mr. Woodward accused the president of "not taking hold of the presidency", so perhaps it's that no one in Washington is taking any initiative on getting anything substantive done.  No matter the case, I am of the opin' that there is something rotten in Denmark, and the American publik is being left in the dark about it.

How bad is our debt?

Does China really, for all intents and purposes, own the U.S.?

What is going to "change" in the lives of everyday Americans this year?

Why can't congress and the president work together?

What happened to the "transparency" we were all promised?

These are all questions kindly being avoided at the moment, not to mention questions that we don't even have the information to know to ask about!

The unanimous consent of the press seemed to be that sequestration is a bad thing.  Is it really?

The only conclusion I can come to is that Washington must be reorganized, for the sake of the united states of America.

Domestic Democracy United

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