Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leftist Pathology: Why the Progressive Cabal Is Near Criminal

This indictment, which is based primarily in a piece in the NR which I reported on last year regarding one Mr. Saul Alinsky and his mob connections, is following an inquiry into the role of Religion in the public square.  The founders were quite clear on the freedom to speak what one had on ones conscience; and I've found evidence of unconstitutionality if not criminality regarding progressive ideology.  Like the 'mob', the left is conspiratorially committed to silence in questions of their interpretation of Biblical truth.  Further, this silence often conceals a committment to Alinskian "social justice" or proto-communism.

Saul Alinsky is a man who created what conservatives have decried publicly; a little understood phrase "community organizing".  Obama himself has said "I'm still organizing".  What does organizing mean for Mr. Obama?

Legally representing an organization which had to close it's doors due to a scandal involving setting up whorehouses for underage illegal immigrants, or ACORN.

He acted as lawyer for ACORN during his up-and-coming years, representing an organization which was set up by Alinsky acolytes. 

Alinsky's tactics could be seen in the 2012 election, in which fraud coupled with organized labor was implemented by a supposedly 'sovereign' government to "get out the vote".  Alinsky, you must understand, learned his tactics of manipulation from the mob.  And Barack Obama's "chicago-style" politics have followed suit with a viciousness not seen in any previous administration.

And those kool-aid drinkers on the left have no sense of humility whatsoever when it comes to disallowing other's expressions of Christian philosophy/theology - perhaps with the exception of the perfunctory 'pope talk' with fellow automatons of the anti-god.

The very phrase, Jesus is Lord, spoken publicly elicits criticism, scoffing, or ethical condemnation.

This is due to the Leftist Cabal literally enslaving the population.  Enslaving them with their mind-numbing ideology.  Enslaving them with the creation of their wicked imaginations.  Enslaving them with their ideology.

It all began in the early 1900's when early progressive thinkers trained in 'neo-hegelian' philosophy (i.e. marxist philosophy) began to take control of America.  They believd that freedom came not from God but from the Government. 

Ever since, they have sought to make every gain possible, with the ends always justifying their evil means.

So, how is this criminal?  How is this pathological?
Collectivism itself is an ideology of pathology.

RT Stillwell

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