Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Sacrifice of Service: Noble Being-Unto-Death

The sign of any truly great man is that of an indication of devoted service to his fellow.  How, and to what extent, do we serve that which means the most?  A man will be judged according to the existent sentiments of care and concern he bestows upon individuals without regard to his own good fortune.  By that measure, the only correct action in life is that which looks without seeing advantage.  That which sins without robbing. 

And to that ire our lives should be found to be wholly unfullfilled. 

The only form of worship in todays age is idolatry.  I cannot, truly, face the consequences of such a truth.  Most serve only to increase their own value.  Most lack in service for precisely the same reason.  Logic has no bearing on the way in which one makes existent the inclinations of ones sinfull value.  If it did, we would all surely live as heroes here; and in heaven.

The sad fact is that we are going down - worldwide.

Our service towards self-rather-than-christ has ruined the foundations upon which civilizations were created to be more than a some of their parts.

Much better to beleive and be redeemed than to not beleive in redemption whatsoever and take ultimate soulless solace in being-towards-death.  For that is the price we pay for not truly devoting ourselves to the service of some such thing that we would find in the world to be, in some sense, greater than worldliness.  That price;  eternal damnation without refuge from suffering.  Why?

Because all life moves towards death of necessity!

And why should one cling to the remnants of our honored tradition whilst taking part in malicious collectivistism - the anti-god?


Because hell is our punishment;  damnation our reward.

If our soul does not turn towards that which gives us absolute and objective forgiveness, then where should we turn;  as a nation deeply in debt?

There is only one solution to our woes, ills, and malfeasances. 
That solution is Christ.

I'd wager many of you reading this now have never really come to the realization that service of Christ is profoundly more prescient than service of our otherworldly brute desires.  That our own sin and degredation is anything we want it to be;  other than that which damns our selves and - yea, our nation in this year of our lord 2013.

IT takes little for a man to come to god.

All one must do is repent of their way.  One must admit that one has committed a primordial sin against god... in ones heart of hearts. 

One must be magnanimously aquiescent towards the objective truth.  Not the truth of the intellectual realm, but of the truth of the worldhood-of-the-world.

Tame the beast of idolatry.  Take back your autonomy.  Banish collectivist ideology from your soul.

These are the only words of advice of any accord in a world gone bad and rapidly getting worse by virtue of the sin of pride.  Of a nation of sin.  Of a nation unwilling to give to itself that which it most deserves.  What does our nation deserve?  What is most readily available;  Complete allegience to Christ!  Yea - Complete service to individualism by virtue of the Lord of Hosts! 
Yet, we will not.  Our hand draws still when it comes to helping a fellow for the sake-of-that which shall remain unnamed until the second coming.  How?

I tell you  through the devices of collectivist ideology and idolatry.

To commit to the personhood of world-as-self is, in fact, the very groundwork of service.  Know thyself?

You can see that sign of hypocricy in our own heated dialectic in Washington D.C.

You can see our wicked imagination not in works of art but in works of conformity as that which one, ultimately, worships.  The collective tendency towards domination is but the mere personal passive pathology of our times.  We cannot undo the rash of debt - the plague of national incompetance - unless we repent, all of us, of our sins.  We must repent until we gain favor with he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming.  That is the meaning of service.  Repentance.

Domestice Democracy United

Disclaimer:  The above is rendered in indeterminacy.  Regard as vulgar or obscene before breaking any sweat over the inanities of a hopeless leper.  Were it not for Buckley Jr. - I would not be in the position to bequeath gods truth as I have.  Were it not for the shackles of collectivism, I would endeavor to live such truth fully and to an adequate degree.  Yet I am dead.  There is nothing.

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