Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Being-Unto-Death : The Way of Life

Being-unto-death as the absolute delimiting of a being-in-itself as the utmost recognition of cognition in an absolute being-of-entities within a world-as-such is the recognition of self as that which remains to be seen in the objective.  It is shamefull that subjectivists resolve to split our phenomenological character-unto-death into figments of a marxist "divide-and-conquer" mentalism which seeks not only to define the terms of rational and reasoned argument and dialectic: but seeks, in fact, to posit none-other-than Lucifer as its ideological underpinning.  I would not argue that this-is-such were it not for the overwhelmingly collectivist ideology of our age, and it pains me - literally - to make such observations...  Yet the rogue phenomenoligist simply must reference old Saint. Nick, objectively and more than-for-the-sake-of such pantheists as St. Augustine.

To divine the word of the Lord is such-that receiving Jesus is to be, in some sense, irrefutably unrestrained.

However, the restraints a man encompasses are, to a degree, his own objective selfhood-unto-the-world.  Which is to say - He who shall remain unnamed until the second coming.  He who remains unnamed continues today as yesterday and, yea - tomorrow. 

Both yesterday and tomorrow - and today.

But my sense of impunity is only entailed by my wordliness.

The only way-in-which one can understand selfhood-as-such is in the light of that which-is-becoming-to-be in the ultimate worldhood of being-unto-death.  Being-unto-death as-such.  To walk in the park is to take part in said state of worldliness-of-the-world, and - yea, the worldhood-of-the-world.

And to what does such an exception deserve refuge?

The solution is in the problem...

The true-as-such cannot consist of simply an ire of irrefutability.

It must, as-such, be in a worldhood-of-being.

DDU - 2013

Brendan O'Connell

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