Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Tea Party - A Simple Observation

A recent article by the professor of the philosophical department at the laughable New School in New York City proclaimed that the "Tea Party" is nihilist.
This is not only an impotent attack on the Tea Party, but a cruel form of academic elitism.

The Tea Party is many things, but certainly (and I'd wager the author knows this) not nihilist.

This impotent philosophy professor would imagine that those on the right are severely paranoid, delusional, and disgruntled to the point of violence- but in fact, the opposite is true.

This impotent philosophy professor would have us believe via a mistaken interpretation of Hegel that Thesis Antithesis Synthesis is somehow political- it is not. In fact, Thesis Antithesis Synthesis is nothing more than the Holy Trinity applied to Methodology.

The Tea Party is simply right.

They espouse the virtues of state and local government- of individualism- of patriotism.

These are all in dire need in America's great moment of disaster.

"I say to you friends that we must not succumb to the threat of terror that faces us within our borders."

-Ronald Reagan

How this could be construed as nihilism is, to me, beyond belief. That the author would resort to such crude polemics astounds me. Even one cursory reading of hegel and the history of the Nazi party would show that this is, in fact, insidious socialism within academia (ideology).

When it comes to a representative of education distorting so grossly the beliefs of these humble people in the New York Times- Ugh.

And to do so in the name of Philosophical inquiry?


There ARE still 'Old Hegelians' out there who view calling someone who is very obviously devout a 'non-believer' with nothing but contempt.

Read 'Bernsteins' article here.

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