Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nietzsche Was A Conservative

Nietzsche Was A Conservative....

"To keep open house on ones heart is liberal, but it is merely liberal."


Nietzsche, I will make the bold case, was not only a conservative individualist, but- in fact, a Lutheran Theologian.

This may seem nonsensical to those who remember Nietzsche as the man who said that God was dead, and we killed him. This has been a banner for the Atheist movement as well as, to a certain extent, the Anarchist movement.

But what must be seen is the sense in which Nietzsche was an Ultra-Reformist.

He said that the notion that we are 'all' sinners is a falsity, and this means that he is commenting, in some sense, on Christian truths- and this, in some sense at very least, makes him in kind with the Reformationist movement.

Furthermore, Nietzsche was the son of a Lutheran Minister- and it is an old adage that one is inherently of the Religion of their parents; and this means that Nietzsche, in some way, more than likely had a Lutheran outlook- even if he was in large part reacting against it.

The idea that Nietzsche was a harsh reformist must be taken as Highly debatable, and any ardent Atheist should start by dealing with the notion of the Passions in Nietzsche's philosophy. The Passions play a large role, and it is dealt with as Superior to Logic and Reason (a departure from Hegel, but at the same time a Theological agreement), and Nietzsche treats the passions as a Female.

What if one viewed the Truth as a woman?

I'll leave you with that- but it should be noted that Nietzsche was undoubtedly two things- an Individualist, and a Conservative.

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  1. Nietzsche wasn't a conservative. You're projecting your own backwards views on progressive and non-retarded philosophers.