Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Music used in this episode of DDU DIALUP composed by myself under my moniker "Emo Headache" - Download for free @ -

About ten minutes of reading the recent philosophical entries in, so to speak, my own words.  Meant to clear up the confusion around the recent philosophical works within Politalk.  Sorry to my regular readers for the deviation from the usual coverage of U.S. Politik.

Hope this clears up the confusion around the language used in "...Sins of Want", "Noble Being-Unto-Death" and "Service...".

Probably won't.

Again, apologies for the jargon.  Will be back on the political beat properly A.S.A.P ~

So stay locked!

Domestic Democracy United

"Download 'Citizen Sh*t' for the tracks featured in this episode of DDU DIALUP.  Finest quality emo remixes with a little surprise at the end.  Featured on  Mind the whine!  Also, the 'Punk Propaganda' LP is highly recommended for those with a taste for the abrasive.  Please do DDU a favor a simply quickly download some of the "Emo Headache" content... Lot's of work went into these short little compositions, and I would greatly appreciate if you would consider these a companion piece to Politalk."

-Brendan O'Connell

*Cop "Citizen Sh*t" EP

All the songs from this edition of DDU DIALUP +
- a 7 minute excursion into G.W. Bush's speech on the creation of Homeland Security set to that roiling orchestra track from "Starship Troopers" used in the nefarious guilty pleasure of paranoid libs known as Infowars/Prison Planet.  

"Really quite interesting to hear ole Dubya talking about homeland security over the recognizable chaser from Alex Jones' 'war on serenity'."

Disclaimer: DDU does not support the opinions and views of Alex Jones.

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