Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St. Paul- FALSE APOSTLE>?!?!

Everyone knows how predominant St. Paul is in the New Testament, but few realize that there is the likely hood that he begot many of the things in Christianity today that we now deem contempt worthy...

For example, St. Paul repeatedly states in the New Testament for his listeners to 'follow me', not follow Christ.

St. Paul has a lot of controversial things to say about how we should worship, and yeah abou the very nature of what the w-o-r-d of the Lord of Hosts means for an individual!

Furthermore, St. Paul has traditionally been associated with the 'Universal' church and certain types of Christianity that shall as of here remain unmentioned~ however, the sense in which St. Paul was responsible for robbing CXhrist;s genuine expression of the will of the Lord of Hosts and replacing it with something suited for not merely the Gentiles, but- yea, to be suited for the collectivist moral encampment amongst Christianity from St. Paul's conversion onward is not to be looked over.

However, by the same token- I surely must repent for blaspheming such a undoubtedly 'holy' apostle as St. Paul.

Highly revered, greatly honored, and no doubt an historic figure in the Judeo-Christian Tradition~ However, one look at his most revealing sins tells a different story of St. Paul...

A) Saul was looking on as part of a collectivist mob during the first ritual slaughtering of a Christian.

B) Saul on more than one occasion not only facilitated but actively engaged in the hauling off of Christians to dungeons and such.

C) The fact that he IS so 'predominant' in the New Testament shows how he could be one of the apostles with a 'different' narrative than the others, and this may reveal how his evangelism was tainted with pride and the unwillingness of The Lord of Hosts to forgive his basest sin~ Selling out a servant of The Lord.


I ask you, dear reader- to forgive me... but once I was born again I searched my soul for some thing that would tie me to Saul's hypocrisy, but- yea I could find much to repent for- nothing as damning as being an agent of the icy black glove of the government executing early (and that means authentic) followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

so... St. Paul?

I say, FALSE APOSTLE!?!?!?!?!

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