Monday, September 19, 2011

The Jobs Bill and the Return to Hard Collectivism

The regime's inconspicuously titled "jobs bill" is a joke.

It contains nothing other than hard collectivist policies which seek to further tax the rich, expand the role of central government in your and I's backyards, and bring about further debt- (as if the debt already incrued by the messiah's laughable stimulus package wasn't enough). The debt is, I predict, well over even the more extreme reaches of overall debt in the U.S.'s name. 14 trillion?

I predict that it is far higher than even these shamefull figures.

And now Obama has the gall to further extend the black satanic glove of central government in a simple plan to be passed under the guise of simply wanting to 'fix bridges in north carolina, make the roads better, and create more jobs (something his stimulus had promised but failed to deliver)'.

Aristotle wrote that rhetoric existed for centuries before logic ambled on into the picture- and I wonder what aristotle might think of the lack of logic inherent in the administrations further accruement of debt in what appears to simply be a bloated, multi-faceted, cynical, characteristically communist re-election bid.

But I digress...

It's just that, dear reader, I have it from inside sources in D.C. that the 'jobs bill' is no sloppy joe without it's spicey afterburn... and if this get's passed- I may spend some time in the bathroom with my back issues of the NR.


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