Sunday, May 1, 2011


Bin laden, the mastermind behind both the 1993 attacks on the WTC and 9/11 which killed 2,998 people, has now officially been killed by U.S. forces. We have his body, which means that it is unlikely that he was killed by a drone attack, and far more likely to have been killed in combat operations.

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and the U.S. has custody of his body.

He was reportedly killed in pakistan, where he was known to cavort with Al Queda operatives.

This is nothing short than completely astonishing.

So many people, so many soldiers have been waiting for this moment, which completely justifies our intervention in Iraq and afghanistan.

This is a major moment in U.S. history, and I urge all citizens to pray for our troops and pray for the just murder of Bin Laden.

This is late breaking news, which hasn't been broken by the media yet.

At the time of this blog, Obama has not yet come onto television to announce the news, so I write this as late breaking news.

One can only imagine how much this news vindicates every single U.S. soldier lost on foreign soil in the past 10 years.

This is great news not just for NY, not just for the U.S.- but for the entire world and the uprisings in the middle east generally.

One can only hope that this will counter balance some of the bad news coming out of the middle east as of late (i.e. the jailbreak in afghanistan, the murders in syria, etc.), and lend credence to our efforts in the backyards of the world.

All of America should rejoice in this great news, and every little bit of anti-nationalism should be squashed by remembering just how tragic the events of 9/11 truly were, how much effort we put into solving the Bin Laden problem, how much this problem plagued the last administration, and how much we as a people have a stake in this development.

All of this is written before Obama speaks (or spoke) on sunday night, so I hope you'll take this humble coverage of what amounts to dramatic and explosive news for America as a bit of pre-bustle coverage.

Thanks for reading, and god bless America.

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