Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The UK Polls

I've conducted a series of polls on a British Music forum with the intent of rabblerousing a bit. To take a look at the following polls, just copy and paste the web address to your browser:

This first one isn't a poll, but the response to the essay on 'The Scourge of Liberalism'.


What Do You Think of Barack Hussein Obama?

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Socialist?

Do You Believe in God?

1 comment:

  1. Once upon a time..

    Daniel meets Markus in around 2002 in Slovenia's coastal skate park through a Slovenian friend of me.
    First question of Markus when we met was 'do you remember anything about vg roots?'
    I had no clue what is 'vg roots' ! I didn't know if it was a yoghurt or ketchup i simply didn't know it was a video.
    After a couple of months I go meet a friend because Markus needs something and when i go there the friend asks me 'do you remember anything about vg roots?' And i was like 'what' ??!!! What is this thing ?I remember repeating the word 'roots' 'roots' trying to translate. So I say I dont know it then he goes away. Fucking weird.
    I had no idea yet what was ahead of me. Markus and Thomas (the other Austrian friend) ask me if I would go to Wien the capital of Austria.. And I accept after a month or two we go there with a car and Markus keeps telling me the WHOLE roadtrip about this video that he has. He says it's 'vg roots' so i send a bunch of messages to my ex saying what's going on, I was excited but quickly forgot about it since it shown no meaning to me.
    Once in Wien, we go skating a few times and visit the city and all that , I totally forget about the video.